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Nov 10, 2007 07:29 AM

Burmese Cafe - temporarily closed?

Tried to go last night, but it was closed. Sign on the door said "Closed for Removing." Anyone know what's going on?

We ended up at Zabb, which was great, but I'd been so excited to finally try the Tea Leaf salad...

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  1. i saw that sign too...then i went by today and there's a "for rent" sign and the place looks empty!!
    i really hope they haven't closed for good, i do think the food quality went down a bit...but it was still good.
    come back!

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    1. re: daniellaczar

      Oy vey iz mir.

      That's a big loss. At least Zabb has been on an upswing, IMO...maybe that was responsible for their death. D*mn you, Zabb!

      1. re: PAL

        maybe they just moved.
        wishful thinking....

      2. I think it's gone. Really too bad. Nice people and good to great food in a cuisine that's very rare in NYC.