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Nov 10, 2007 06:40 AM

Restaurant Supply Store in Lexington/Bedford/Arlington area?

I am looking for a decent restaurant supply store in the Lexington/Concord/Bedford area. I need to get some cheese cloth and butcher’s twine and Whole Foods doesn’t have it. Any suggestions? I am willing to go as far as the Arlington/Cambridge area to get the stuff I need or if the store is just cool enough.

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  1. any good hardwear store will have these supplies; cheese cloth is very expensive since you are unwilling to travel, try coffee filters; on second thought, try a major supermarket.

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      I've gotten cheese cloth at Balich 5 and 10 on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights. I have a feeling you'll also fine the butcher's twine. As a bonus, Lakota Bakery is on the next block and Something Savory nearly beside it. I can highly recommend Lakota for cakes and killer cookies and Something Savory gets a lot of buzz. Oh yes, there's a Penzey's for spices and such in the Heights as well. Have fun!

      Afterthought.......there's a 5 and 10 in West Concord too and there's really nothing cooler than these places.

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        I run the West Concord 5 & 10, thanks for the mention. We got cleaned out of butchers twine just before Thanksgiving, but will get more in asap. Plenty of cheesecloth, which is not at all expensive, canning supplies like jelly bags and jars, and a few thousand other things. Balich shares a principal supplier with us, a wholesaler in Worcester who services independent 5 & 10 stores across the country. Really good people, and huge Sox fans as well.

        1. re: ChrisConcord

          I love your store, but haven't been there since we sold our Plymouth. (The car dealer is right across the street). Glad to hear that you're still there and going strong. I'll have to take a ride out your way sometime soon.

          1. re: Maxinella

            Thanks! Butchers twine is now back in stock, as well as many other sometimes odd things (and I am very tired!). Any Hounds coming in please feel free to say hello, I'm Chris and am here every day. Oh, and the odd but wonderful Acton Chinese place has now started delivery. I'll be calling them again tonight.

    2. Have you tried The Concord Shop in downtown Concord?

      They're not a restaurant supply shop, but they tout themselves as "a hardware store for the kitchen." It was the only place around me where I could find jelly stands and jelly bags. I'm sure you'll find cheesecloth and butcher twine there. Good luck!

      1. Also, just up Mass. Ave. in Porter Square you'll find China Fair. Decent prices on heavy-bottomed cookware, and they are sure to have cheesecloth and butcher twine.

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          Second China Fair. Large, if sometimes weird selection of stuff. If they don't have it, you can go down the street to Tags in the Porter Square shopping center, a "soft" hardware store.

        2. Market Basket on Middlesex Tpk. sells cheesecloth, as does Ace Hardware on Lowell Street in Lexington (the same street, actually). I wouldn't be surprised if they both also sold butcher's twine. There used to be a restaurant supply near the Watertown Mall, anyone know if it's still there? There's (was?) also one in Union Square, Somerville, next to the Market Basket.

          As far as spices go, don't waste your money at Penzey's. Go to China Merchandise on Rte. 3A, Cambridge Street in Burlington. The spices there are very cheap and very fresh. Just make your own mixture. Balich is quite great, though.

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          1. re: Maxinella

            I disagree on the "don't waste your money at Penzey's" comment. China Merchandise isn't going to have everything that Penzey's has, depending on what you're looking for. Penzey's prices are reasonable if you buy in small amounts, and way fresher and cheaper than what you get in supermarkets.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              I'll second that. Penzy's small sizes allow me to have a variety of fresh fried herbs and spices on hand and I am happy with their prices.

              1. re: ginnyhw

                I love fried herbs and spices. :-) (jk!)

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                  As to the Penzey's versus China Merchandise debate, the spice bags at China Merchandise are really large, much more geared to the trade in terms of quantity. Penzey's ends up being inexpensive if you need just a little bit of some weird specialty spice - they'll have it and in a small container. As for the Concord Shop, its great and has every kind of specialty item. While not cheap, its pretty comprehensive, and its nice to support a local store that's been around forever rather than Williams and Sonoma. Just be sure to wander down a few storefronts to the Cheese Shop, where you'll think you've died and gone to heaven..if you like cheese, that is.

            2. I bet the meat counter staff at WF would be happy to give you some butchers twine for free. I have had to ask the butchers at Roche Bros and Stop and Shop for twine when the store didn't have any for sale and I was buying meat from them. If you are willing to drive to JP there is a very cool restaurant supply store there called BMS on Washington St near Green St. They have a web site.

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                I guess I'll have to give Penzey's another try.