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Nov 10, 2007 05:27 AM

Putting "creativity" aside, how good is Annisa?

Almost all of the negative reviews I've read about Annisa is that the food isn't as creative as people have claimed it to be.

But just looking at the food as food, how tasty is it?

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  1. I have not been. you might want to check out the review that was posted on November 8th if you have not already done so.

    1. actually, the food is creative...its just not amazing.

      that said, its far from bad. i just feel that the restaurant excels mainly for the whole package...great service, romantic room, great experience.

      the food was probably what was lacking most for me. though, i had mainly fish dishes which arent my favorite either.

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      1. re: sam1

        Sam1, I agreed with you. I went to Annisa not looking for creativity, but I thought it did try to be creative in some perspectives.

        Agreed even more that the food was just not that impressive. I honestly didn't care about creativity as that wasn't what I was looking for when I tried Annisa. I was looking for flavorful food, and I didn't find.

        No food tasted bad per se, but nothing stood out either. Nothing on the food would get me to go back. The service was ok. The room was the best part of the dinner.

        At that price range, I can do much better in Manhattan.

      2. First off, I feel the food is perfectly creative. It might not be WD-50 but I still think it's inventive and delicious.

        It's been awhile since I've been but what I remember in particular was a layering of flavors and textures that I truly appreciated. This came out most memorably with the soup dumplings and seared foie gras appetizer. So many bursts of delicious flavors---I was literally moaning at the table.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          Agreed - I was there in the past two months or so and loved the dumplings, the trout dish and my husband really enjoyed the chicken stuffed w/ truffles and pigs feet.

        2. As someone else stated, it's not nearly as creative as WD-50 (which I consider to be overly so) but the food I've had at Annisa has been anywhere from very good to excellent.

          1. I went with a group from work about 3mos ago and we all had the tasting menu. I was most looking forward to the foie gras soup dumplings, and they were good. Nothing else was terribly memorable except for the very rude wait staff who wanted nothing to do with the table -- which I thought was surprising since no one asked for anything other than more drinks.