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Nov 10, 2007 03:46 AM

[STL] Ruchi Indian Cuisine

I've had Ruchi's food twice in the past few weeks, and I've really enjoyed it. It has fresh ingredients and intense well-balanced flavors that have made it a favorite among the coworkers I visit in St. Louis. (I have no idea whether this place is associated with one of the same name in Kansas City, and I didn't think to ask.)

My first experience was at their restaurant on Olive Blvd just outside the I-270 loop. Their lunch buffet was large and varied, but I only had room to try a portion of what was offered. The mixed-vegetable pakora was well-fried, and made a good combination with their mild coconut sauce, which appears to be a specialty. The other sauce, a spicier tomato-based sauce, was also tasty, but it was my second choice of the two.

The Nan is hand-made, and varies somewhat in thickness and charring. I like the texture, and it works well in combination with the foods. The channa masala (based on chick-peas and tomatoes), the daal curry (lentil), and the lamb curry all impressed me by being spicy, but without having one flavor overpower the others as I've experienced at other restaurants. I may have tried a couple of other dishes, but those are the ones that come to mind. The gulab jamoon was a satisfying dessert, but after such a good meal, I can't say for sure what made me feel that way.

Yesterday was a surprise and welcome Diwali celebration at the office, catered by Ruchi. They had the same pekora and nan, but the dishes featured were paneer tikka masala (home-made cheese in spicy sauce) and aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) both continued with a good balance of flavor, but I did think that the paneer was a bit more rubbery than my favorite versions elsewhere. I had the kheer (rice pudding) for dessert. While it's closer to soup than the pudding in their menu translation, it is a good combination of creaminess with what tasted to me like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Ruchi seems to be a consistent baseline choice for delicious Indian food, and there are large sections of the menu that I have yet to sample. I'll happily continue to explore there, but I'll probably also give a try to some of the places mentioned here and a couple mentioned in the Central West End a try.

Ruchi Indian Cuisine
12513 Olive Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63141

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  1. Thanks! I'm always looking for good Indian food, and this place is not too far from where I work. One question: What is it near?

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    1. re: Richard 16

      Its in an enormous plaza across the way from a Dierbrgs just West of 270.

      1. re: bobzemuda

        oh...and it's owned by the same people as the KC location.

    2. Ruchi's is truly one of the best places in Kansas City for Indian Food. They are most known for making dishes from both Northern and Southern India and for their separate and rather large vegetarian menu options. (They have an entirely separate vegetarian menu, you just need to ask for it.)

      I happened to be in St. Louis early this Fall and picked up a STL rag that said you had a Ruchi's opening up in St. Louis and that it would be owned by the same family as ours in KC.

      You are welcome. :)

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      1. re: jvergara

        Concerning the STL location, would you say it was a good place for a date?
        Good for someone who hadn't tried Indian curry (or any curry at all, I think) before?

        Thank you.

        1. re: Jude806

          Well, there's a side of the restaurant with an extensive buffet, but otherwise, the decor is pretty in line for dates. The menu's pretty large, so someone who hasn't had Indian curries might be a bit lost, but your server could probably help you out. It's definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in town, along with the relatively nearby Flavor of India.

      2. I went there last night and had the lamb vindaloo with the added on thali. It wasn't very good.