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Nov 10, 2007 03:13 AM

Where to take my mom for about $150-175 for the two of us?

Hi Chowhounders,

My mom wants to buy me dinner and knows how much I love food and so wants me to pick the place. My two initial thoughts are: JK Wine Bar or Cowbell. I have been to JKs many times and love it. I know she would too, esp. because she is big on sharing dishes! However, I have yet to try Cowbell and would really love to check it out. She's pretty adventerous and so we are up for any type of cuisine. As I type a third option has popped into my head. Amaya has now been added as a possibility. However, I would love for any additional suggestions you might have. I would also appreciate your thoughts on Cowbell and Amaya!

Thank you again in advance!

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  1. What sort of atmosphere are you looking for? Is there any occasion? Do you want something low-key and quiet, refined and modern, extreme and artsy... does $175 include the booze?

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      The food at Amaya is good but the room is very loud. We were there a couple weeks ago, on a Friday evening, and really had to shout across the table. Just the accoustics of the room.

      JK is always good and it is comfortable for an evening with your mom. Torito is a real option too -- good food (the new place in the basement might be interesting, as well), and will definitely fit the budget.

    2. Honestly I think that if you make a habit of going to JK you should take your mom there. Let her see and share a place you enjoy. The shared experience memories last a lifetime. Make it a great one.

      1. Amaya is delicious, thought the service can be slow at times, and the room loud. The service you could probably attribute to the popularity of the place. Tabla on Yonge has similar quality Indian, in a quiter room.

        Cava is also good.

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          I second Tabla. But I also agree that if you are a regular at JK and you think your Mom would enjoy it, you should go for it.

          1. re: pescatarian

            It is amongst the greatest gifts you can give your mother when you let her see through your eyes. Every time you go back to JK she will know what you're experiencing without it being at all abstract to her.