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Thanksgiving in Fort Myers Beach

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Any suggestions where to have dinner?
We had a traditional Thanksgiving day meal at Chloes in Diamond Head Resort a few years ago, which was very nice.

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  1. Try Bayfront Bistro. New this past January. Getting incredible reviews. Great waterfront dining on Estero Bay. www.bayfrontbistro.com

    Bayfront Bistro
    4761 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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      Hi Joe, are you the owner?

    2. Sandy Butler is serving Thanksgiving dinner. Would be a good choice. We discussed it here a few weeks ago.

      Bayfront Bistro is very nice. If they are open on Thanksgiving. They have a good website so it should be easy to check. I wrote a very good review of it here and on Trip Advisor. It is a most welcome change to the beach.

      Here's a link to my review last spring on the Bayfront Bistro: