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Nov 10, 2007 02:35 AM

INSTANT Dry Yeast -- Where?

I need the "instant"one to make Alton Brown's cinnamon buns. I called Rainbow, WF, Cal-Mart, Andronico, Other Avenues -- don't know who else to try. Any ideas?

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  1. Actually, all of those places carry it. It's just that none of the companies call it instant yeast unless you're buying it in 1-pound bricks. For consumers (that's us), exactly what instant yeast is called depends on the brand. Fleischmann's Rapid-Rise or Bread Machine Yeast (depending on if you buy it in the little bags or the jar, respectively), Red Star Quick-Rise, or my favorite, SAF Perfect Rise. I'm pretty sure Trader Joe's carries the SAF this time of year. Every major grocery store has at least one brand of instant yeast, sometimes several.

    1. The Whole Foods in Los Altos carries it. If I were you, I'd go to my local WF and check the shelves to make sure. False negatives are pretty common when you call stores about this kind of thing.

      1. Thanks so much to both of you!!