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Nov 9, 2007 10:24 PM

Finer food restaurants near Mosconi Center Marriott Hotel

Spending next Sat -Tue at the Marriott for a meeting, and would appreciate any recommendations for GQQD places for dinner in the area. Prefer fresh prepared French/Calif cuisine, but also Japanese, Chinese, Italian/Mediteranean, or other outstanding close by spots, if there are any. Does not have to be the most reasonable or necessarily the most expensive. $35-50 /one, range unless there is something not to be missed for more!

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  1. Sounds like you're looking for Ame: Cal-Japanese fusion only a couple of blocks from the Marriot.

    Ame Restaurant
    689 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Concur - Ame is what you are looking for...

      1. re: Carrie 218

        I started saving my pennies already.

        Thank You!