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Nov 9, 2007 07:51 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner?

Is there a good place for Thanksgiving Dinner (turkey and fixins) on the Peninsula? I'm looking for a moderately priced place -- nothing too fancy.

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  1. I don't know what your moderately price is, but Turtle Bay Restaurant http://www.turtlebayrestaurant.com/

    Serves a TG buffet. $42.95 per person. I've never been myself, but other poster have mentioned their food is good.

    1. Boulevard Cafe in Daly City is offering an ala carte Thanksgiving lunch and a complete Thanksgiving dinner (don't know the price, but it seemed very reasonable.)

      The lunch includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, fresh green beans, and fresh cranberry sauce. That's $13.95 and is served until 3:00.

      The dinner, served from 3:00 on, includes all of the above plus soup or salad and pumpkin pie for $18.95.

      I've enjoyed many meals at this restaurant -- GREAT hamburgers, by the way -- and would recommend it for Thanksgiving.


      Boulevard Cafe
      2 Poncetta Dr, Daly City, CA 94015

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        Thanks Nancy. We just made reservations for Thanksgiving. The location works too!

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          Hi all,

          Just a report about our experience. For this level of dining, we actually thought the dinner was a great deal. We have enough for another meal. The portions were huge. The turkey was piled onto stuffing.They gave dark and light (you don't have a choice). So, I traded some of my dark meat for more white meat with a family member who wanted more dark meat. The stuffing had currants and dried apricots and it was actually quite tasty. Nothing was dry, too salty, or too saucy.

          So, here's the not so great but it was okay for what it was: the yams were canned and we know the mashed potatoes were boxed. The yams didn't have a sweet topping, which was fine with me. Boxed mashed potatoes are as good as they can get. I would have preferred fresh roasted yams, however. The fresh greenbeans were sauteed in garlic and not overcooked.The salad was mixed greens with slivers of carrots. And while it didn't have much more than that, the vinaigrette was just right. They gave a huge slice of pie that might be equal to two servings. The cranberry was very good; it came with a small loaf of corn bread for each diner. For my parents, who don't care for the fancier restaurants this was a great casual place with great service.

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            We had thanksgiving at One Market. Those who ordered one of the two non-turkey choices were happy. Unfortunately I was disappointed with the turkey. It was expecting fresh turkey cut off a bird. Is that unrealistic at these prices? I am a dark meat person, and it appeared to be packed into a cylinder shape and cut, as though off of some kind of a a pre-processed "roll". The taste was good, but the texture of the meat was rather wierd. Anyway, I'll know for next time.

            1. re: SueNY

              What else came with the turkey and how was it? I had Thanksgiving dinner at Lark Creek a gazillion years ago when Bradly Ogden was actually on-site so this doesn't really count. At that time the turkey was 'normal'. It was a nice location and I remember most the bread basket and helpful service. Too bad all the Ogden restaurants couldn't duplicate that.

              Thanks so much both of you for reporting back. Holiday dining reports are few. It's helpful for others in the future when considering restaurants for those days.

              One Market Restaurant
              1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

      2. Check out this link to Open Table's Thanksgiving reservations. All sorts of restaurants in the Peninsula are highlighted.


        Ristorante Don Giovanni in Mountain View on Castro is also serving their annual Free Turkey Meal on Thanksgiving from 11am-4pm. They've done it for 5 years as a thank you to their customers, and yes, it's absolutely free.

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          I called the restaurant and he mentioned that it's not a meal but just the turkey -- no fixins. Great suggestion. If I get hungry before I go up to Boulevard Cafe I'll be sure to stop by Don Giovanni's since it's not too far from where I'm located! Thanks for the great suggestion.