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Nov 9, 2007 07:34 PM

Santa Fe - Amavi

Has anyone eaten here? I have had one good report. Would like to get other opinions.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been several times and had very good meals but note that I was a fan of David Sellars cooking when he ran the kitchen at SantaCafe. It is priced like all of the top Santa Fe restaurants.

      I've been with people who were fans of the old Julian's that had occupied the space and they missed Julian's somewhat simpler, less ambitious dining. There has been some talk around town about some uneven service and some meals that were not as good as others if Sellars was not in the kitchen; just a fwiw.

      1. Thanks so much, fyfas. Have to say my hair stood on end when you said SantaCafe. We had an absolutely horrible experience there two or three years ago. That takes care of Amavi for me.

        On our next trip we are planning to eat at Pasqual's and Inn of the Anasazi. What do you suggest we do in place of Amavi? It doesn't have to be fine dining, but we do like to be able to walk instead of drive. Staying near the plaza. I guess we would consider driving to The Compound (never been) or Geronimo, if you were to rec either one strongly.

        I really appreciate your info.

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          Pasquels is great, Anasazi not so great. If you are in that area, I would recommend Fuego at La Posada. Whatever you do, stay away from Geronimo or you will walk away feeling like you were mugged...

        2. You could walk to The Compound or Geronimo, depending on how near the Plaza you are. I'm going to stand by my usual vote for The Compound.

          Inn of the Anasazi is great. A current can't miss experience.

          1. Thanks so much.

            I would also like some feedback on the Georgia O'Keefe Cafe if anyone has experience to share.