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Nov 9, 2007 07:33 PM

Why does my baked potato taste sweet?

I tried doing some searched online, but I keep coming up with results about "sweet potatoes" and not the issue I'm talking about here.

I bought some really nice russets last night. I did not store them in the fridge or anywhere cold. I scrubbed them, rubbed with olive oil and coarse salt, and baked right on a baking sheet at 375 for an hour and fifteen minutes.

They were perfectly flaky and the skin had great texture. When I bit into the potato, though, it had a distinctly sweet edge to it. I added enough butter and salt that I could ignore it, but I'm so close to a perfect baked potato that I'd love to figure this out to avoid it in the future.

Can anyone diagnose the problem? What happened?

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  1. i doubt it's anything you did. more than likely the potatoes were stored at very cold temperatures somewhere between the time/place they were harvested and the place where you purchased them. if that did happen, much of the starch would have already broken down into smaller glucose [a.k.a. sugar] subunits before you bought them, and there's nothing you could have done about it...nor could you have known.

    try buying them from another source next time ;)

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      That is 100 percent accurate.. re: the storage being too cold, or the transportation being too cold... the starch does brake down into smaller glucose

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        You're right, they were probably stored at low temperatures. This used to happen to me when I put potatoes in the fridge by accident.