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Nov 9, 2007 05:00 PM

baked rice pudding

My mother used to make a rice pudding baked in the oven with cinnimon and raisins. It was slightly sweet and was firm in texture. On a recent rainy day I started thinking about it. Does anyone have a recipe?

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  1. I've used the following recipe from Moosewood 2 or 3 times with good results:

    As a matter of personal taste, I omitted the orange peel altogether. Although I don't care much for orange zest in my food, I could see subbing a little fresh lemon zest (~1 tsp) to brighten up the flavor a bit.

    As I recall, I used other dried fruits (e.g., tart cherries, blueberries) when I didn't have raisins or currants on hand.

    Anyway, I hope this helps.

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    1. There's a nice recipe in the More-with-Less Cookbook. Nothing to it. takes about 2 hours in the oven, and you are supposed to stir it periodically.

      1. Wow - I've never heard of anyone else having this - thought I was alone. When I asked my mom how to make it, she said beat a bunch of eggs, add some milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and pour over some leftover rice in a greased dish and stir in raisins. Bake at 300 or so.

        I asked for measurements and all she'd tell me is to use a lot of eggs - like a dozen or so, and enough milk to make it cook like custard, then make sure that you have enough to cover the rice by at least 1/2 again the depth.

        So this is the recipe I use - and I just make it up as I go.

        Ok so this isn't probably helpful but shows how cooking has worked in my family. Now a question -did you have baked mac and cheese with layers of macaroni and layers of cheese?