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Nov 9, 2007 04:46 PM

question, somewhat trivial

Years ago, I passed through N.O. on a cross-country trip, and got stranded there for a week when my traveling companion got called back home due to family tragedy. I absolutely fell in love with the city, and wandered alone all over town for days, just gawking and listening.

More recently, I cried like a baby when Katrina hit, and watched on TV as such a lovely town was devastated.

Anyway, quick question: before leaving the city, we ate with friends at a restaurant I recall enjoying very much, though I wonder these days if in fact I had lower expectations back in the day. I think it was in the Quarter, and they had lovely aquariums full of tropical fish set into the walls. The food was simple, little ramikens of various seafoods swimming in butter.

What was the name of that place, and is the food there actually any good, or was I just young and naive? My lovely wife and I will be visiting N.O. early next year for an educator's conference, and I wanted to revisit the place if it was recommended. I'm so excited to get back to N.O., and isn't "conference tourism" a wonderful way for Americans to support N.O.?

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  1. Jimmy: Nothing is coming to mind at the moment, but maybe if you gave us a better sense of the timing? Are we talking the 80's? 90's?

    1. I want to say it was in the marigny, where the hooka cafe is now. I cannot remember the name of the place though, hoping someone else will chime in. I've never eaten there so cannot comment on that, but if it is the same place it is gone now.

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        I'm really scratching my head here, but didn't Jaeger's have aquariums along the walls? Now, I'm going back to the '70s and trying to flesh out the details, but I do recall someplace, down-river from the Quarter, with such a decor.


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          Okay, I think I figured it out. Was it Belle Forche (or Fouche)??? I know that they had very beautiful aquariums with tropical fish all around the place.

        2. Maybe it was Ralph and Kakoo's on Toulouse. They have standard cajun/seafood dishes and aquariums.

          1. Probably Ralph and Kacoos in the Quarter.

            1. It could have been Mike Anderson's on Bourbon St.

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                I must have been Belle Forche which didn't do at all well and folded before Katrina, on the corner of Frenchmen and Decatur on the same block as Checkpoint Charlie's.

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                  I think ya'll are right with Belle Forche