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Nov 9, 2007 04:19 PM

Thomas and Nara

Relatives coming to town for Thanksgiving and I want to take them to Nara (lunch) and Thomas (dinner).

What are the thoughts out there? Also, any place to have an after dinner drinknear Thomas?

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    1. re: zataar

      KC - Nara is in the Crossroads and Thomas is at 39th and State Line.

      I've had cocktails at Thomas, and I thought they were pretty good. 39th and State Line is more a restaurant than a drinking destination, but you're near the Plaza or Westport.

      1. I really like Thomas - the buttermilk cider chicken is delicious, it has a creamy sauce with apple slices and pecans. I have also enjoyed several appetizers there.

        I have not heard anything particularly good about Nara and even though I work downtown, have been unable to convince anyone to go there with me. The reviews I read said it was over-priced for the sushi. I really like sushi at the Japanese place in Crown Center or Friend's on 39th across from Thomas. Friend's has dollar pieces and $3.99 rolls on Mon. nights.

        1. Nara. Go there to hang out and drink, just don't eat there. Atmosphere is great, but the sushi wasn't that fresh and the other dishes was kinda bland. I also like Friends on 39th for sushi.