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Nov 9, 2007 04:01 PM

ISO Low-Sodium recipes

My significant other needs to start a low-sodium diet, and when I see all the sodium in so many of the foods we normally consume, I am at a loss. Can anyone recommend some good sources - websites or cookbooks - and perhaps suggest your favorite low-sodium recipes (especially dinner main courses). Thanks so much!

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  1. i tend not to cook with too much salt, but that's just a flavor preference for me, my palate is super-sensitive to it. the best advice i can offer is that you start using copious amounts of herbs [particularly fresh ones] & spices. it also helps to invest in some good salt [i.e. coarse sea salt, kosher salt, himalayan pink salt] that you can just add sparingly to finished dishes as opposed to cooking with it.

    two ingredients i love for their ability to impart an umami taste without using salt:

    bragg's amino acids - the product does contain sodium, but at MUCH lower levels than salt, soy sauce & other condiments.

    nutritional yeast flakes - a great stand-in for parmesan cheese; add to salad, toss with pasta, sprinkle on popcorn

    oh, and if he likes cottage cheese - a ntoriously high-sodium food - i'm a huge fan of the no-salt-added variety from friendship dairies.

    as for recipe sources...

    good luck!

    1. Can your SO have salt substitute? I am supposed to (some days I fail...miserably) limit my salt intake so I use salt substitute to flavor. However, it's quite high in potassium so if that needs to be limited than stay far, far away from the salt sub.

      I found that the best way to curb salt intake is to just decrease the amount you cook with. Now, I'm quite sensitive to the taste and don't need much at all.

      1. I limit my salt and it was hard at first. I kept reading that it would get better -- and scoffing. The truth is, it has gotten better and I have pretty much gotten used to it. I add salt extremely sparingly and cook with a lot of fresh herbs and chili. Loads of garlic, ginger, and onions. I cook with no-salt canned goods -- tomatoes, beans, etc. -- a TON of sodium sneaks in this way. Sometimes I add 1/4 tsp of salt to an enormous pot of stew or soup, which is a good dash of sodium, but at least I know EXACTLY how much I am putting in -- it is that 1/4 tsp ONLY and no more. I try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible -- i.e. not open any cans or use any frozen foods.

        A few of life-saving no sodium products to look for:
        --No-salt cottage cheese--- delicious!
        --Terra brand no-salt BBQ flavored potato chips -- I challenge you to tell the difference.
        --Total FAGE nonfat yogurt -- fantastic on so many things... my latest craze is to dollop it on a sweet potato.
        ---Frozen edamame -- my favorite healthy snack.

        Check out the Moosewood low-fat favorites cookbook for healthy recipes. You say many of the foods you normally consume contain a lot of sodium -- what foods are these? Let us know and maybe we can provide alternatives.

        1. Get to know the Mrs. Dash line of seasonings. They are so good, you don't even notice there's no salt! Here is the website, and it has recipes as well.

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            This looks very helpful for everyday cooking - thank you!