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porter time

it's november and to my mind that makes it time to give up IPA's and lagers and switch to porter.

any rec's for porter available in CT that i may like?

anyone else prefer porter to stout?

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  1. Smuttynose and Thomas Hooker for American Porters; Meantime, Fuller's and Samuel Smiths for English Porters

    I'm an Imperial Stout guy myself but I do like a good porter

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      Fuller's and Samuel Smith's are great.

      Others that I like: Anchor, Stone, Kona.

    2. Well, for me, IPA's have no "season" and are a year-'round beer and, this year, I continue to enjoy cans of Pilsner Urquell and Pikeland Pils with meals or while I look out the window and *think* about picking up the leaves.

      As for porter, my favorites are probably of the "Baltic porter" sub-style. I usually have several in the beer frig- mostly Zywiec or whatever "new" Eastern European import hits the shelves - buying them before they get too old and sit too long under the light. Granted the porters hold up better than the pils, but some of those beers sure seem to sit around forever. OTOH, they're usually a bargain compared to other Euro imports or craft beers, so it's easy to take a chance on a single pint/1/2 liter bottle. I've got a Utenus Alus that's been in there for awhile and really should crack open soon.

      1. I have to second the Baltic Porters. Flying Dog makes a great one with their Gonzo Imperial Porter. They also have an oak-aged version in 750ml bottles, but that one goes for over $20, so I haven't tried that one out yet. The normal version is tasty enough!


        1. If we're talking porters in the 5 - 6% ABV range, the ones made by Ipswich, Smuttynose, and Sierra Nevada are favorites of mine.

          My favorite Baltic Porter was actually a US micro take on the style: Perkuno's Hammer by Heavyweight. Recently this has been revived (and apparently modified a bit) by Victory as "Baltic Thunder." I've got to find some.

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            The latest on Victory's Baltic Thunder is the day they went to bottle the stuff, the bottles (750's) weren't compatable with the bottling line, so they're still waiting for the packaging. A few folks have had it at the brewery from the tank, and say it's great.


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              Thanks for the info; so that's why I haven't yet found some Baltic Thunder.

              I notice that this brew is a touch stronger than Perkuno's Hammer.

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                Here's the TTB Label approval (dated 10/22) for the 22 oz. size (click on "Printable Version" and page down for a copy of the label. Note the "design" in the horizontal strips- I missed it the first time I saw it.).


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                  Ah-ha! One could easily miss that clever touch.

          2. My favorite is Fuller's but a close second is Black Butte by Deschutes Brewing. Not sure if it's distributed in CT, though.

            1. I wouldn't say i prefer porters to stouts, depends on my mood. I also enjoy IPAs year round but my mood does switch to the dark stuff come cold weather. So let's see in no particular order,

              Stone Smoked Porter
              Sierra nevada Porter
              Capt Lawrence smoked porter (should be in CT)
              Zywiec and Okocim-two inexpensive Polish porters available in NYC that are tasty.
              Holiday Porter-Sam Adams-it comes in the mixed 12 pack

              Two excellent stouts I have been enjoying are Ipswich Oatmeal stout (MA) and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Tis the season...

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                Ipswich Oatmeal Stout is possibly my all-time favorite beer. I know of no better stout in that gravity range, and I've tried tons of 'em.

                Brooklyn Black Chocolate is okay. For imperial stouts I prefer Smuttynose, Bell's Expedition, Weyerbacher Old Heathen, some editions of Victory's Storm King, and Rogue.

                1. re: Kenji

                  I thought this years BCS is very good, pretty light for an Imperial with loads of chocolate and molasses. I just picked myself up a case the other day (I'm cellaring most of it). I haven't had the Smuttynose, Expedition, or Old Heathen yet, but they're definitely on my list.


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                    I agree on the Brooklyn Black, this year's version is wonderful. Really one of the best around.

                    As to the others kenji mentions, I am not that big of a fan of any though I have not had bells. The Victory Storm is somewhat ho hum. Not sure which Rogue you are talking about as they have a few different stouts, I do happen to enjoy all of the ones I have tried. That Brooklyn though, so delicious.

                    Stone's RIS is great and I recently had Moylans which was really good as well.

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                      Victory's Storm King has changed a bit over the years; it seems to me that the hop and malt components don't always meld as well as they used to.

                      The Rogue brew I mentioned in this context was their imperial stout.

                      I've tried and quite liked Moylans IS.

                      Another interesting California-based example of imperial stout is Marin Brewing's San Quentin Breakout Stout. It's light in alcohol (7% ABV) for the style, but very smooth-textured and delicious.