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Nov 9, 2007 03:38 PM

Reheat Tuna Steak?

Well, I suppose this is not really home cooking...but wasn't sure where to post.
I went out for an amazing seafood dinner last night and got too full too fast on delicious apps, bread, etc. Now I'm left with a huge & expensive tuna steak that I brought home. I usually have no leftovers when ordering tuna, so now I'm left to wonder....can you reheat it? I imagine a seared rare tuna steak can't be reheated. Should I just leave out at room temperature for awhile?

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  1. I would not reheat it and would probably eat it at room temp or chilled in a salad. After all, sushi is not served hot. You could do a variation of a salade nicoise or a japanese-influenced salad with a carrot-ginger vinaigrette.

    1. Well... leaving out at room temp is the best way to encourage bacteria. Normally I am not very fussy about this for myself BUT since you had it at dinner out that means it was at room temp all through the rest of your dinner+ the trip home until you put it in the fridge.

      So, while it may not kill you that is probably not your best option.
      I would say your best options are
      1) slice thin and serve in a salad
      2) slice thin and make your own sushi/sashimi type thing
      3) re sear. Not difficult. Just get a pan that is either nonstick or well seasoned and resear over the places the resto cooked it.. then slice
      4) (this is the safest from a food handling standpoint but could seem like a waste of expensive tuna) slow poach in some good olive oil and use as you would a good Italian or French canned tuna. Good for salds, pastas, tonnato sauce.
      5) mince up and make yourself a tuna tartare.. either classic American tartar or the Japanese fusiony way.
      6) mince up, season w/a little ginger, sesame, chile, wrap in little wonton wrappers and deep fry. Serve with either Thai sweet chili dipping sauce or wasabi and soy.

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        I did this the other night: Sliced the tuna steak in half to reveal the raw interior. Fired up a cast iron pan with the heat on high. For less than one minute, seared the already seared side of each half. Then, for slightly more than a minute, seared the side where the raw interior was exposed. Got some good bread and made a sandwich with that (go crazy or simple with the ingredients). You get the benefit of it being cooked and hot with only a slight compromise in the "rareness" of can also season the newly exposed sides if the restaurant didn't season it enough.

        1. re: rudeboy

          I had never thought about how long the tuna had probably already sat out at room temperature during dinner + afterwards, so I went ahead and re-seared and ate as a salad. While not nearly as delicious as the first time, it was much better than very cold tuna. Thanks!