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Nov 9, 2007 03:29 PM

Naga Food and Restaurants (North Eastern Indian - Nagaland)

Does anyone know if any restaurants in Toronto serve Naga, Mizo or Manipuri food (all North Eastern India)?

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  1. Would very much doubt it since apart from Dilli Haat in New Delhi, you would rarely find such restos anywhere in India and their repertoire its quite limited - even in nearby Assam there is just one little place in the city of Guwahati that serves Naga pork and bamboo shoots - these foods are basically home cooking as has been most regional Indian cuisines until very very recently as opposed to resto-style Mughlai/North Indian and Udupi/South Indian which became eating out food over the 20th century in Indian cities

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      You r absolutely right,even in India ,it is diffucult to find those cuisine outside of the region you mentioned.I would be really surprised if any resaurant in the GTA served the above mentioned cuisine.