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Nov 9, 2007 03:04 PM

A real supermarket

Safeway has opened their Kapahulu branch, and I have to say I was impressed. There is an honest to goodness sushi bar in there, and they say a gelato bar is coming. The produce section alone is almost enough to make you cry... easily twice the size of their other stores. It was too crowded to do any serious shopping, but sure looked like a much broader selection of goods than I'm used to seeing here. Will be interesting to see how it looks after a year. For now, a great addition to the neighborhood (well.... once the traffic calms down)

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  1. Read in today's Star Bulletin that they opened finally. Do they have poke and limu like the Farmer's Market in Ala Moana? Will be there Thanksgiving to check it out personally. I remember when the first Safeway opened back in the late 50s or was it the early 60s on Beretania St.? Never saw striped watermelons until then. Always came from Waimanalo and always was solid green. First mainland supermarket ever to operate in the islands. Big culture shock.

    1. Thanks for the H/U. Even with the traffic, it's gotta' be easier to get into, than Star Market [is that correct?], below the Ala Moana Center. On the Mainland, some of the sushi at Safeway is really OK. We have a specialty market nearby, that might get the supermarket sushi nod, but the nearby (across the street) Safeway is pretty good. Though ours is rather small by PHX/Mainland standards, it's a nice spot and we support them, because of proximity. Plus, they order a lot of specialty stuff for us, without hesitation. We'll check it out in Dec.

      Mahalo and aloha,

      1. The fish selection looked OK, including various kinds of poke. I couldn't get too close because of the line... it was busy, and that was at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon. I would imagine its going to be nuts in there all weekend. Supposed to be open 24/7, so I may check it out some late night. According to the news this morning it is the largest Safeway in the US (I'm a bit skeptical), but it is 64,000 square feet.

        It is not as close as the Foodland on the lower level of AlaMoana, but at probably 5x the size, probably worth the extra 3/4 mile, and probably quite a bit cheaper. I'm not sure I would go out of my way to get sushi there... so much good sushi in Honolulu, but then I never expected some of the better stuff to come from Kahala Zippy's either.

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        1. re: KaimukiMan

          Got it - Foodland. Star Market is Kane`ohe. Thanks for the correction. As they say, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste," and mine is often wasted!

          Gotta' see for myself. We've got some big ones around the Metro-area, but 64K sq. ft. sound huge.

          I never had a problem with selection at Foodland, just the hassle of getting to it, what with the traffic in Ala Moana and all.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Star Market is long gone, construction has been underway for the next Walgreen's.Which is a good thing unfortunately it became a real hang out for the homeless and wacked out druggies, it got real creepy although I'm not sure I am that thrilled with Walgreen's but whatever.

        2. I hope that market does well in that spot since many a markets have come and gone there. I still remember when the first market back in the early to mid 50s was built called Val's Supermarket. Then it was taken over by P&P and I think it became IGA? I left for the mainland in the 60s and lost track after that. One thing that Safeway did bring was mainland produce and goods that undercut local products. Wasn't good for the local business people though. We'll see what happens.

          1. yes very big compared to the just about all the supermarkets on island. it reminds of a whole foods. the bakery looks promising. more than just the norm of french bread and baguettes that the other places has. looks like they are baking a large selection on site.