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Nov 9, 2007 02:43 PM

Great dinner last night at Sushi Kaji

Had a great time last night at Sushi Kaji - we took a friend for his birthday and they surprised him with a small bouquet of "flowers" - here are the pics

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  1. Is this a joke? How about a review, and some pictures of what you had to eat SVP?

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      I believe that is food. Anyway, Sushi Kaji is awesome.

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          I got those hand crafted vegetable from Kaji before.
          It's not food.

      1. Oops sorry - thought there were already so many reviews here - anyway here are the highlights.

        Took a friend for his birthday - when he looked at the prices he thought we were nuts (we all had the most expensive $120 selection) and by the time we left almost 3 hours later he was a convert!

        We go about once a year - the meal was exceptional but I would say we noticed a subtle difference versus a few years ago....the 3 anchors to the menu were sashimi, sushi and tempura, pretty standard fare although the execution was anything but standard.

        The sashimi of greek octopus, sea trout, toro tuna and amberjack was exceptional - one thing I really like about Kaji is the fish isn't so cold to be tasteless.

        The sushi was stunning - 5 different servings with individual flavourings - the yellowtail was flecked with lemon rind - but the lemon flavour had huge punch - perhaps it was preserved lemon?

        Lobster tempura was good - not my favourite use of lobster though. A sole scallop floating in broth was delicious. The triptych appetizer of anago with cucumber, shaved pork and maguro tuna was a mini tour de force.

        And chef's house smoked sea trout was delicious......and the espresso gelatin with whipped cream "crema" was the perfect dessert for me - a coffee lover who doesn't eat sweets.

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          Kaji told us he imports lemons from Japan which accounts for the stronger [different] taste.

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          Sushi Kaji
          860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA