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Nov 9, 2007 02:40 PM

Cannolis in Southern Maine

Where can I find a *REAL* cannoli in the Portland area? I have been unable to find anything other than gross whipped cream filled cannolis.

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  1. Miccuci's on India Street in Portland. Made by the former owner and baker of Sophia's. Completely authentic and flawless Italian breads and pastry although extremely limited in variety. I think he always has cannoli and sfogatelle right at the register.

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        I had a sfogatelle at Miccuci's the other day and rate it as very good. This is a great but lesser known Italian pastry with a crisp crust and dry cheesy interior. Not the best I ever had, but certainly the best outside of a few NY places. I am on my way to Naples soon to find the ultimate sfogatelle .