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Nov 9, 2007 02:19 PM

Nakkara: new Thai on Beverly?

Looks like this place just opened in what was Wild Orchid, on Beverly btw. Stanley & Spaulding.

Anyone been yet?

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  1. I just ordered thier Peking Duck Roll and Ko-Lae Chicken for delivery yesterday. They were so good. Can't wait to go there for dinner with my friends.

    1. They just opened a few weeks ago. The Crying Tiger made me cry it was so good.

      The chef used to be a school-teacher in Thailand, has no formal training but learned to cook from his mom. He soaked up every bit of talent and put it into a restaurant in Bangkok. Now he's translating his skill and zest for cooking into a little pocket of blue heaven on Beverly. If you like seafood, order the Big Surprise and you will not be disappointed! Just about everything on the menu is fresh and intriguing with an elegant presentation and expertly crafted flavor.

      I cannot say enough nice things about this place and I would recommend it for almost any occasion, everything from a business dinner to a hot date to a girls/boys night out.

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      1. re: evabella

        Is it really that good? My wife and I go to Hollywood or the Valley all the time to eat Thai food. It would be nice to find somewhere in the Fairfax area. It's pretty authentic?

        1. re: bsquared2

          I have never been but I took a look at their online menu:

          I have doubts about its authenticity, after reading it over, but it could still be a nice dining experience. Definitely seems to cater to a hipper and spendier crowd compared to the joints in Hollywood and the Valley. Personally, I'm not that enticed. Every time I try an upscale, fusion-y Thai place (such as Naraya on Robertson - eh), I end up disappointed. I don't go in there expecting total authenticity, but the flavors I grew up with and associate with Thai food are always lacking. Naraya has its ambience going for it, though.

          1. re: Skorgirl

            Yikes, that is some menu (what's the difference between the "blue canvas" and the "green canvas"?). I always go to Thai restaurants for tiramisu!
            I guess it's more of a Chinese/Thai combo. Smoked lamb sounds kind of interesting. I'm not really dying to pay $9 for drunken noodles, but if anyone out there is still looking for Mee Krob, they have it.

      2. I haven’t tried Nakkara yet, but I live around the corner, so let me add some perspective here. With all due respect to evabella, who is obviously F&F, Nakkara is a little neighborhood storefront Thai-plus that is trying to step it up a notch. Kudos. Even without having tried it yet, I’m psyched to have them in the neighborhood. My fear is that they’re not going to last. Why? Identity crisis.

        Speaking solely as a prospective customer who passes the place several times each day, here’s what I see: A valet stand out front. Little or no customers inside.

        Not good.

        They also have a dark blue lighting scheme which seems much too moody and stylized for the tiny storefront space.

        All this projects an image to the marketplace of overeager management with an unrealistic sense of itself. And it makes me shy about even trying the place.

        So here’s my advice to evabella and company…chill out. Lose the valet stand. Turn up the lights a little bit. And relax.

        Assuming the food is good, you’re going to build your neighborhood business slowly, over several months, by trial and word of mouth. If it’s really that good, the word will eventually spread farther.

        And your message to the market should not be an overzealous “any occasion, everything from a business dinner to a hot date to a girls/boys night out,” none of which are really appropriate for that space, but rather “better than your average take out, give it a try.” The rest will come.

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        1. re: wutzizname

          I ate there since I am dying to find a good Thai place in Fairfax / West Hollywood. I thought it was pretty good, but I agree, they should chill out on trying to be "chilled out". The service was very nice, but don't I wasn't a fan of the Smooth Jazz/Wave music they were playing. The decor was trying a little hard. Also, they had chopsticks prominently displayed but no spoon. Whenever I've been to Thailand, people eat most things (except maybe noodles) with a spoon.

          I also think the prices are just a little too high. A dollar or two lower on most dishes would be OK. The funny thing is that we were going to Terroni, but it was crowded and I remember reading about Nakkara. We were the only diners there and I think we surprised everyone when we came in.

          But...the food was pretty good and the people at the restaurant were really nice. But...he prices were too high and the menu was trying to be too many things to too many people. The portions were a little small as well.

          Seems like they went to Chadakka and Red Corner Asia and got some ideas. While I think Chadakka has good food, some things on the menu are totally out of whack price-wise.

        2. I love it...smoked lamb is amazing, drunken noodles are so spicy, and the Crying Tiger is awesome as well. Great delivery too.