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Nov 9, 2007 01:12 PM

Irish pubs in downtown D.C.?

I'm looking for a place with decent Irish pub fare and Guinness, possibly some live music. Anyone help me on this one? I'll be in D.C. in a couple of weeks if anyone would like to go for a pint.

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  1. It's more Capitol Hill than "downtown," strictly speaking (perhaps you weren't speaking so strictly), but the Dubliner near Union Station comes to mind first.

    1. 2 places I can think of- Mackey's over by the Farragut North/Dupont Circle area, and Fado, over by Gallery Place/Chinatown. I'm not vouching for the authenticity of either one, I just know they are "irish-themed."

      1. Try the Irish Channel, at 5th and H St. NW (two blocks from the Gallery Place Metro). Good atmosphere, decent pub food, music most nights, and plenty of Guinness.

        It's in the Red Roof Inn, but don't let that keep you away.

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          I'm going to second the Irish Channel. It's a real gem and off the typical 7th street track -- so you can usually find a seat at the bar. Another spot is the Dubliner near Union Station, but given the choice between the two I'd always pick the Irish Channel.

          1. re: caphilllady

            Irish Channel would be my vote, too. The food is better than your other nearby choices of Dubliner and Fado.

        2. In my humble opinion the best Irish pub food is found at Biddy Mulligans in Dupont Circle. I don't think they have live music but it's a pretty good place to hang out. Usually I feel like Irish pubs in this area leave a lot to be desired in terms of food but Biddy Mulligans I can usually handle.

          1. The one near 9:30 (sorry, can't remember the name) has very good fish and chips. I think we've had the shepard's pie and found it good. I don't know if they have music there - I always use it as a place to go prior to going to the 9:30.