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Nov 9, 2007 01:10 PM

Latino Restaurants in Perth Amboy or New Brunswick?

Returning home for Thanksgiving week. There are no Latin-American food here in Maine. I know there are a lot of Central and South American restaurants surrounding Sayreville. Any recs. please?
Muchas Gracias,
Marco Gordito

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  1. How about Costa Verde in South Amboy/Sayreville? I don't know what town it is in but it's on Rte 35 South once you get off the Driscoll Bridge.

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      Costa Verde is in Sayreville and always one of my first stops at home and I feel the best of the Portuguese restaurants in Middlesex County. A long history w/ my dad and uncle. You know your food!

    2. i love Karini 2 in Perth Amboy. Very casual Puerto Rican food, theyare at 299 New Brunswick Ave. I have also heard alot about a Domenican restaurant called Monumento on Smith St. While I have yet to try Monumento, it's on my list.

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        Has anyone tried Monumento yet? Can someone tell me where on Smith St. it is located? Thanks

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          I have never been to Monumento.
          But, I was not too impressed with Costa Verde at all. My favorite is Seabra's Armory (200 Front St. Perth Amboy) by the water. I heard mixed feedback on this place, but every time my husband and I went there, it was a pleasant experience. so... it could means just very inconsistant services.