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Trader Joe's Frozen Macaroni and Cheese

Not to add on to the bajillion TJ's threads out there, but has anyone had the "Joe's Diner" Four Cheese Macaroni and Cheese?

IT'S DELICIOUS! It has cheddar, swiss, gouda and havarti cheeses and I find it remarkably good.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. I thought it was good and slightly better than any other frozen product I've had, but not that great a value for the money. If I'm going for frozen, I'd just as soon have Stouffers. If I'm going for something that tastes great, I have to make it myself.

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      I really have to reply to your comment, Emm. It is more than "slightly better" than other frozen mac and cheese products on the market. And it is a GREAT value...I would rather pay a little more, and there is a lot in the package, then buy any other brand. Stouffer's is NOT anywhere near as good as Trader Joe's, which has several kinds of cheeses and DOES taste homemade. I hate every other kind of frozen mac and cheese and most boxed mac and cheese...this stuff is FANTASTIC!!!

    2. Oh man...I love that stuff. I don't like Stouffers because there is too much cheese goop. The TJ's mac and cheese has the perfect cheese/noodle ratio. I also like that it has a bit of sharpness to it...yum!

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        Agreed! I think the sharpness comes from the cheddar or havarti...I can't decide. But it's just soo great!

      2. it's one of the best things TJs sells. every time I buy it, either the clerk or another customer leans in close and conspiratorially asks "don't you LOVE this stuff?"

        and I do! sometimes I'll add a dash of pepper, but usually devour as prepared.

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          Mmm pepper huh? Sounds good.

          And I totally know what you mean about the clerks commenting on it, happens to me every time too!

        2. You are spot on! The Mac&Cheese is incredible!

          1. After reading this thread I decided I had to try it, instead of walking past it in the frozen case every week. I was.. underwhelmed. It's not terrible by any means, but pretty average, I thought. Stouffers is better.

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              I have both in the freezer - Stouffer's is creamier, but Trader Joe's is gooier and has more cheese flavor. Both are greatly improved by a healthy sprinkle of habanero hot sauce.

            2. Had the mac and cheese for dinner last night. While I like the idea of the four cheeses, unfortunately the result is pretty bland. I usually have to restrain myself from cooking up a second serving of mac and cheese, but this time I didn't even finish the first.

              1. It IS in fact VERY DELICIOUS! I love to make it and then stick it under the broiler for just a moment to get a bit crispy on top!

                Best frozen macaroni!! :D

                1. I love it to. Anyone else eat the whole package when they eat it? "servings" indeed!

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                    My kid loves it so much I call it "crack and cheese". I only buy one box at a time, because he'd just eat one after another, and he polishes off the entire box. Of course, he's 6'3" and about 140 lbs so it's not like he's going to get fat from it!

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                      Every time!

                      I also like to throw in a little frozen chopped spinach to make it "healthy" ;)

                    2. I've avoided that stuff for months now, as it's just too hard for me to restrain myself from eating the whole two serving package!

                      Cooked in the toaster oven for a nice crunchy top, with sri racha sauce squirted on each bite is the way to go. Oh dear.

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                        You mean it's supposed to serve more than one??? ;)

                      2. I love it so much that I don't want to even get my hopes up that my local TJ's will have it because most of the time they don't! I love the chewiness of the noodles and the slight sharp cheese flavor. And I love that it is not orange!

                        1. This product came highly recommended by TJ employees when it debuted. I found the product to be simply too rich and salty. Now, I do like the product. It does taste good, but it's very unrefined. Way too much cheddar, too much bite and snap, and so it's not a very smooth taste. And I admit, I do like salty foods. But this is too much.

                          Also, be careful how long you microwave. If you overcook, the cheese takes on a plastic-like texture and can therefore be very unappetizing.

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                            Unrefined? We're talking about mac 'n cheese, right?

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                              I mean they simply go overboard with the salty cheese. It's good, but it's so excessive, it almost makes you want to vomit. If they were to dial things down a bit, so you could taste the cheese without being overwhelmed by it? Then, it would receive an unqualified recommendation.