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Nov 9, 2007 12:28 PM

What is Sunfire Mexican Grill in Rockland, ME like?

What is Sunfire Mexican Grill in Rockland, ME like? I know its a Maine version of Cal-Mex but is it any good?

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  1. Its Cal-Mex anywhere USA. I was underwhelmed

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    1. Good to hear some feedback- we've tried to go a couple of times, but it's NEVER been open when we stop by (and we're not going at say, 10 PM on a Monday, or other Rockland dead-zone times)....

      Does anyone have any other Mexican-ish recomendations for the Midcoast? I know there are a few places, but I haven't tried any (especially not the Italian/Mexican/American place in Camden... call me a snob.)

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        If you can make it up to the Ellsworth area, the Mexican Restaurant in Hancock, was so good that it was raided by the IMS; one owner is in jail and the other is on the run. A shame, great folks and good cheap food; buck tamales and great menudo. As usual, mom comes through and she is now the cook..

        Marco Gordito

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        1. Having lived in the southwest for a long time, I never expect great Mexican food around here, but Sunfire was reliably decent for the type of simple, Cal-Mex that it puts out. The problem with this place is that the last time I went (a few weeks ago) will probably be the last time I go. Since they've expanded, their prices have risen astronomically. I couldn't believe what we paid for simple burritos/enchiladas, which didn't even have that much flavor either. And, the particular night we went, we got the worst service I've ever had in a Rockland joint. I work in a downtown business and often make recommendations for customers: Sunfire won't be one of them.

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