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May 12, 2006 06:31 PM

thoughts on quince?

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is quince worth all the hype? is it truly a special dining excperience?

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  1. Let's talk chow not hype. The pasta's are truly outstanding. The chef changes them daily, and if you like perfectly fresh ingredients artfully combined you cannot go wrong. I like the pasta's here better than Delfina's and I most night's I'd trade my dog for Delfina's. I cannot remember my main, but I am sure it was seafood, and remember the first bite flooded me with the elation and the last with sadness.

    Even the dinner rolls were special. Housemade, dusted with fennel and sea salt. After two, I stared at my dining partner thinking, are you going to eat that last one? Are you?

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    1. re: Chris Rising

      i absolutely agree. best pasta in SF (along with acquerello). with quince, you have to be ready for a different type of experience than at a place delfina...quince is a ristorante in the purist italina sense, while delfina is a trattoria (albeit an excellent one). you'll love quince, but you'll eat at delfina 10 times to every one time at quince -- mainly because quince is more formal, more expensive and a bit 'older' in the vibe (if that makes sense)...

      1. re: glutton

        agree that pastas were excellent, albeit pricey. entrees were uniformly disappointing and i think my party sampled 6 of them.

        1. re: laurie

          The pastas without apostrophes are really wonderful, definitely better than Delfina without apostrophe s.
          If you have several, you may start to notice that many are sauced with butter in almost the same manner, pasta after pasta.
          The crowd is definitely older and dowdier than Delfina, and much, much, more quiet. Some nights that's what one wants, though. I love the energy of Delfina, however the noise level can be rattling at times.

    2. Wonderful birthday celebration dinner for a group of ten at the kitchen table downstairs. What a wonderful experience. We all loved our dishes, the dinner rolls were spectacular and the setting was perfect. Short ribs were melt in your mouth. Loved every bite.