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Toronto Life's "100 Must Try Before You Die Tastes"

According to the December issue, here are the top 25 (applies to Toronto and surrounding area):

1. Scaramouche's coconut cream pie
2. The Pop Shoppe's lime ricky (I didn't even know you could get this, oh the memories)
3. Thunder Oak cheese from the Cheese Boutique
4. The not-so-humble McIntosh apple
5. Carousel bakery's breakfast sandwich
6. Fresh lime soda topped with toasted masala spice
7. International Cheese's fresh ricotta
8. Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream
9. Laura Secord's Easter cream eggs
10. Ming Room's Manchurian paneer (definitely want to try this, has anyone?)
11. BBQ'd cord with lime and chili salt
12. Michael Schmidt's raw milk
13. Minus 8 vinegar
14. Joanne Yolles' wild blueberry tart at Pangaea
15. Lamb's testicles at Nawzar Halal
16. West Indian black cake
17. (Truly) wild muskox
18. Gelato Fresco's frozen icewine truffles
19. Zen's tempura eel
20. Sushi Kaji's fukiyose platter
21. chinese egg bisquits
22. greek loukomades
23. Hot Portuguese malassadas
24. Mennonite apple fritters at The West Mall Farmer's Market.
25. Polish paczki with plum jam
26. Chinese black bean filled sesame beignets from Miao Ke Hong Bakery

Any you agree/disagree with (I mean before you die is a strong statement!)?

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  1. thunder oak gouda is really good, but i don't know about it being number 3 though.

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    1. re: insideman

      they say in the article it's in no particular order

    2. This should really be on the Toronto board.

      1. Lists like this just annoy me. Lime Ricky? McIntosh Apples? Tempura Eel at Zen's? Honestly.

        1. After I read number #1, I am not interested to read anymore. Scaramouche's pie is great but there is no way it is something must dry before die #1. I don't think I will have any regret even if I have not tried it.

          1. Who wrote this bunk?

            There is NO WAY Laura Secord's Easter Cream Eggs should be on any 'must have' list. They are sickly sweet and coated with mediocre milk chocolate.


            1. I'm very particular about coconut, so #1 put me off, but I thought chacun son gout. Then, #8 and 9... is this some 12 year old's list? And, please tell me, where can I buuy real, wild muskox?

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                Actually all muskox is wild (as opposed to farmed). There is a controlled cull of the herds in Nunavut and the meat is processed in a portable abbatoir monitored by Ag/Can and then distributed to purveyors. If you want some call the guys who supply restaurants, like The Butcher Shoppe

                BTW the above also applies to Caribou.

                1. re: ishmael

                  I knew about caribou, but was under the impression that it was the sole exception to the ban on real game being marketed. Thanks for that.

              2. I have no idea what "BBQ'd cord with lime and chili salt" might be, but be it umbilical or spinal, I don't think it's something I have to taste before I die. Any ideas what it might be? And will I be sorry I asked?

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                  I think they meant corn, maybe the way you can get it in Indian town?

                2. I think it's fun, possibly irrelevant but fun. Maybe it would have been better to make several top ten lists... top fancy dishes/desserts, top exotica, top cheap eats, top simple pleasures, top "kid's stuff" (the easter cream eggs; Greg's ice cream which I might love if it were better quality).

                  Hmmm I'm having fun just making a list of top ten lists :)

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                  1. re: julesrules

                    Yes, fun, altogether irrelevant, but fun. It would be fun if some CH'ers created there own idea of top 10s of such items that can be found in the GTA.