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Nov 9, 2007 12:04 PM

Pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinners?

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good place to order a Thanksgiving Dinner???
I know Whole Foods and Gelson's does but don't know which to go with?? Also, any other places that are well recommended??? Thanks in advance.

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  1. We tried Whole Foods last year and it was OK I wouldn't do it again.

    1. We were remodeling last year and our kitchen had been demolished. I surveyed the local offerings and ended up with a Whole Foods dinner. Gelson's looked very much the same but WF was closer.

      It was so disappointing I could have cried. The bird was sort of poached in the heavy bag they're packed in. Even removed from the bag, the wrinkles that corresponded to the packaging remained.

      I don't remember anything else we had.

      I had to make my family a Thanksgiving dinner as soon as our kitchen was functional again to make up for it.

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      1. re: rainey

        lol sounds horrendous.

        me and the GF are probably gonna go the costco ham route this year

      2. Not sure what area you are in, but Upstairs 2 in West LA is offering a traditional Thanksgiving menu for pick-up. I've never had it, but I've eaten at t he restaurant a bunch of times and it's always quite yummy.

        1. Hi! I am not sure where you live but Owens, a small grocery store on Pico and Roxbury just re-opened this week and they are offering a nice Thanksgiving takeout menu prepared by the Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena.

          I think the web site is
          check it out. Also, they deliver.