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Nov 9, 2007 11:59 AM

Elemental - anyone have a recent report?

Is the food holding up? And how successful have you been on scoring a table?

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  1. A co-worker was just there a few weeknights ago.
    Food: Good, but not consistently "Wow!"
    Tables: At 5:02, the last table was filled.

    1. I was there this summer with 3 other people. We had to show up early to get a table, and the place filled up immediately after 5. I thought the food was fantastic, although I will freely admit we were all thoroughly smashed by the end of the meal, even trying to take care with the wines. Four people equals a lot of courses!

      When we left, I think around 9:30, I'm not sure there had been a second seating yet.

      1. I tried to go there for my birthday on a recent weeknight with four friends. They refused to seat us and were very rude.

        I will not be back.

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        1. re: allisonw

          What reason did they give for refusing to seat you? Just curious.

          1. re: stolenchange

            They said "we're full" despite there being 3-4 empty tables.

            This may be how they do it in NYC, but I'm a native daughter and I'm not interested in eating there no matter how damn good it is.

            1. re: allisonw

              i went once with 2 friends and they were full and said we could sit in the lounge area near the door, but then they (meaning "he") refused to bring us drinks and got angry and sarcastic, so we left. I didn't find the food to be terribly special anyway, the other couple times I've been i.e. not worth the aggravation of getting there early to get in line for a table, or the attitude.

              1. re: allisonw

                That sucks. I have zero patience for bad service and attitude when I'm dining out.

                1. re: allisonw

                  Eating at Elemental requires a suspension of belief in the usual restaurant rules of conduct. Phred has a certain idea of how his restaurant works, and if you don't feel like going along with him, you can leave. I think the place only has two four-tops, and he won't change that just because people are waiting. I have heard him be rude to people who try to get in after the initial seating, but he's always been nice to us, because we wait politely, drink what he gives us and try not to ask what any of the wines are.

                  Like I said, it's play by his rules or go somewhere else. I think it's great that he's not trying to be like every other place.

                  1. re: Freida

                    At the very least, a rude and arrogant host tends to put a damper on the evening, why bother if the food isn't that great anyway?