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Nov 9, 2007 11:46 AM

Suggestions for Foreign Food/Cooking Vacation?

We are thinking France, Italy or Spain. I want to go to Provence, but my fiance isn't as wild about mediterean food. Can anyone suggest a trip/tour/travel agent?


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  1. When are you thinking of going? I have often gone to a small village in Provence where the chef at the Auberge gives cooking classes. Not sure of his schedule, or pricing, but the village is fantastic and his cooking is top notch and very professional

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      We want to go this spring - March through May would be ideal timing. This will be a combination elopement/honeymoon, so we want a little luxury, but not super expensive. Tell me more about your chef and where I can get more information.

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        Here is the weblink for the Auberge I was thinking of.

        I can get in touch with them to do a bit of groundwork on their arrangements (I imagine, quite flexible). The village, as I say, is great -- sort of the "exact opposite" of New York, if such a thing exists, yet with culture-stuff in all directions. The website should have links to others that shows something about the area. There are generally apartments to let in the village where you could stay.

    2. I highly recommend Rhode School of Cuisine, which has villas in France, Italy, and Morocco ( I've been to the French and Moroccan properties and had a fantastic time. It is extremely decadent and relaxing although not that expensive (although I did go in 2000 and 2003 when the dollar was a lot stronger). These guys do a terrific job and really know how to run the place. It's a great honeymoon idea, provided you really like cooking and you really want to eat a lot.

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      1. re: travelmad478 will be intoxicated with the cuisine, scenery and the wine. There are many cooking classes and schools offering programs of different lengths.

      2. We rented a houseboat from Crown Blue Lines and cruised the Canal du Midi once. Spending your days cruising from winery to winery and shopping at the local markets was heaven. We cooked our own meals about half the time and ate at little local restos the rest of the time. We'd pick a dish of the menu to make ourselves the next day.

        "Wine, cheese, and pate for lunch again?"