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Nov 9, 2007 11:13 AM


Hi all,

where are you getting your turkeys this year? In addition to the supermarkets, are you going to RTM? Italian Market? Headhouse? Whole Foods? direct from a farm?

I have never bought a turkey before, so any suggestions welcome.


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  1. Ordered my Fresh, Organic 14lb turkey from Willie Bird Farm in Sonoma, CA. It will arrive chilled on Tuesday, just before Thanksgiving Thursday.

    1. Depends on where you are. You can go to the RTM and order one, or if you are in the burbs, visit one of the Amish Markets to order yours. Up in East Windsor, there is Lee's Turkey Farm (yes it is a turkey farm). Fresh killed is delicious, especially if it is organic.

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        Specifically in RTM, Godshall's is the one with the long line of grandmotherly types who look like they 'know' turkeys.

        And yeah, on the 'heritage' thing, find out 'which' heritage as some can be drier and they vary (but have more taste). Or maybe don't go for a heritage bird as your first attempt, most recipes out there aren't written for heritage birds, so it could be daunting.

      2. I ordered heritage turkey a few days ago from MB Fairview Farm ( Picking it up at RTM the day before Thanksgiving. Their website says that they aren't taking anymore orders, but orders put through the White Dog Cafe Foundation's website still go through - I am still undecided though on whether or not to brine the heritage bird. If anyone has any advice, please let me know!

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          Probably brine that heritage bird. While they are certainly an incredibly thoughtful, and dare I say romatic choice for the holiday, that can turn out a little drier than commercial birds. I like to roast mine upside down for added insurance.

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            Thanks for the advice. I've read that heritage birds are something between a wild turkey and the standard commercial broad breasted white. I would never think of roasting a wild turkey because of its leanness, so I think I am going to go down the same road with this bird.

        2. If it's not too far a drive, go out to Fairgrounds Farmer's Market in Reading (between an hour and an hour & 1/2 depending on whee you start).
          There are 3 poultry stands in the market. I always buy from Wegman's Poultry (not related to Wegman's grocery store) and always get great, high quality, hormone free poultry. They are a family run farm, the farmers are the ones who will sell you your turkey, fresh never frozen (I have a hard time believing that something shipped in from California has never been frozen. Besides, chickens can't fly.)

          Normal hours are Thursday & Friday 7 or 8 am (I'm not sure, I don't shop that early) til about 7 and Saturday 8-3; They will be open Tuesday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

          Fairgrounds Farmers Market
          North Fifth Street Highway

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          1. re: kitchenkiki

            Not a bad suggestion - FFM is a fantastic place for chow in general.
            But, if a Philly person is willing to head this far west, I'd suggest Loag's Corner Turkey Farm. My family has been getting them for years. Always fresh as possible - you pick them up right at the farm. I just ordered my 22 pounder today.


          2. Bolton's Turkey Farm in Silverdale, Bucks County is a pleasant drive from Philadelphia. Their product is high quality and organic. A bit further down the road is Eugene Moyer's Blooming Glen pork store for those who don't like turkey.