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Nov 9, 2007 11:06 AM

For all of you who love Kefir

I just wanted to share my new discovery:
Nancy's Kefir.
I have been on the hunt for good Kefir for quite a while because it is one of my favorite foods. In Europe you will find a lot of variations and brands. Here it is hard to find.
Most places do not carry it. I had settled for TJ's Organic, lowfat Kefir (comes in 2 flavors) which is pretty good.
Now I found Nancy's Kefir. Wow! It is just absolutely delicious! It is also organic and low-fat, comes in many flavors (try the blackberry or peach!) and apart from being very creamy and not too sweet it is very fruity.
Be careful though: their website is a little outdated or at least the retail locactions listed on the website are outdated. I only found it at Whole Foods. Some of the supermarkets they list there do not exist anymore (Albertson's, Bell Markets) and some may have carried it, but do not carry it at present (Safeway's).
So you have to pay a premium for it at the moment, but it is well worth it.

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  1. GinaJ - Thank you!!! I live on TJ's Kefir, and I am always on the lookout for new options. I've had Nancy's yogurt which was pretty good, so I'm sure the kefir won't disappoint.....

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      1. A little tip. If you happen to have a decent-sized Scandinavian population (especially Swedish) in your area, try asking around for filmjolk (pronounced feel-myulk), which is pretty much the same thing as kefir.

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            I don't know from where you are writing, but here in Toronto Western Dairies makes kefir, among other ethnic milk specialties. They are available in many supermarkets, especially in Jewish, Russian or Eastern European areas.