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Nov 9, 2007 10:59 AM

Taix or Cafe Pinot?

My guests are insistent about having a nice French dinner. Everyone but me is also insistent about not spending much $$$. So as best I can tell, that pretty much leaves Taix and Cafe Pinot.

I haven't been to either in almost 2 years. I thought the food was better at Taix but found the kitschy decor a wee tacky. Cafe Pinot has better ambiance but the food didn't blow me away.

Has anyone eaten at both recently? Any suggestions? Maybe Cafe Stella instead???

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  1. There's not much comparison -- Taix has extremely mediocre and not really very French food at reasonable prices, while Cafe Pinot (that's the one at the library, right?) has I think very solid food at prices substantially higher than Taix. Although Pinot's menu doesn't seem all that French either. Cafe Stella, although quite pricey, is actually French. Also Figaro on Vermont.
    If you're looking for a better value, maybe try 15 in Echo Park, not particularly French but probably similar to Pinot's menu. We had a nice meal there the other night, and if you get there before 7, it's $15 for 3 courses!

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      Thanks Patty. I don't particularly care for Figaro, so I'm thinking it's now a toss up between Pinot and Stella.

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        I was at Pinot on Wednesday night and don't recall anything on the menu that was really French at all.

    2. I posted on Cafe Pinot a couple of days ago. We had a fantastic dinner there a month ago. lovely ambience. food was fresh and absolutely delicious. Service was fantastic. worth every penny! oh, the olive bread and butter that they bring to the table was divine. we were in heaven.

      1. Cafe Pinot is elegant and I like their food. However, it's pricey. Once again, I'll recommend Cafe Beaujolais on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock. French atmosphere, good food at reasonable prices.

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          I'll second Cafe Beaujolais for the good food at reasonable prices. I'll even bump the recommendation up with a nice, tres Parisien atmosphere and terrific staff.

        2. between taix and cafe pinot? wow...not even close. cafe pinot!

          1. I don't know if I have EVER seen this comparison before.

            I tend to agree with what others have said about the differences between these two joints, but will just add that Pinot is quite a bit more expensive than Taix. So if price is a consideration, perhaps you might want to reconsider your choices.

            Besides Stella, maybe you want to consider The French Garden? It comes highly recommended from one very loquacious Huell Howser. Take it for what it's worth.

            The French Garden
            1936 East 7th St
            Los Angeles
            (213) 623-4028

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              Then definitely it's Cafe Pinot.
              Cafe Stella is priced similarly to Pinot, btw!
              menu here:
              ps - the view of the lighted hi-rise buildings after dark is fabulous. Get a window table if you can, assuming you do not want to be on the patio