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Nov 9, 2007 10:49 AM

L'unita - where Arlequin used to be

Just wondering if anybody has checked this new spot out yet. I've heard from friends of friends that the menu is italian fare and supposedly packed every night. Anyone??

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  1. Food is FANTASTIC, I've eaten there twice already... Great service, great atmosphere... A welcome change from Arlequin...

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    1. re: Brass

      Wow, finally someone!!! Great, I will check it out. I understand reservations are a must.
      So what do you recommend??

    2. I cook for a living, so i have the tendency to be a little picky when eating out.
      i went to l'unita last week and both the service and the food were spot on.
      When i go out for italian food. i want two things.
      Simple food that uses the best ingredients.
      l'unita offered both.
      a lot of people like to recommend terroni's when it comes to italian. In my opinion, terroni's is more trendy then actually good.
      there pizza's are usually greasy and fall apart and you can tell what comes out of a can.
      At l'unita, your offered the same atmosphere, same affordable prices but with better service and much better food.
      a rare find , especially amongst the overpriced restaurants in yorkville.
      For apps , i had the artichoke and parma salad with poached egg, the sardine crostini with fennel salad which i still cant stop talking about(something about that fennel), and the tuna crudo. for mains the lamb bolognese (not ground, actually pulled) and margherita pizza. i recommend all of them.
      if i had to pick on anything.
      i would have really liked a little sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper on my pizza to bring out the subtle flavours of the toppings.
      however, the freshly baked focaccia and my own bottle of quality olive oil that stayed at my table all night long made up for it. :)

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      1. re: Grant van gameren

        Sounds yummy...and I agree with you about simple food, good ingredients and service!
        I've heard that the osso bucco ravioli is also excellent. May have to go this weekend!

        1. re: Grant van gameren

          My friends are decor freaks. Can you tell me what the interior looks like? I did see your Terroni comments. Wouldn't mind knowing what that translates to when you're in the room.

          1. re: Googs

            Rustic wood tables, reddish brick walls, with big antique mirrors and really cool light bulbs for lighting.
            with a big bar too.
            it feels like terroni's, only dimmer in lighting and much warmer feeling.
            they have a cool little galley style seating area in the back if you want some privacy.

            1. re: Grant van gameren

              Forgive my ignorance, but is the galley style seating the communal table for 10?

        2. My wife and I were there with a friend for dinner. It was packed and now know why. The food was great but the service was very poor. Our waiter was very unattentive. We had long waits before food ordering and after our dinner too. Our waiter looked very busy, running around, waiting tables and answering the phone. That doesn't make us feel better that we were there for 2 1/2 hours for dinner, which is unacceptable. That said, everything that was ordered was delicious.