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Nov 9, 2007 10:07 AM

Best oatmeal breakfast

Any recommendations for a place in San Francisco that does a great bowl of oatmeal? I have found many places that do a runny bland oatmeal but I prefer the more substantial steel-cut/chunky oatmeal style that's not like eating a bowl of glue.

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  1. San Francisco Soup Company makes a delicious version at the One Market food court location. I remember hearing that other locations may or may not use steel cut oats.

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    1. re: Neilo

      The SF Soup Company at Battery and Sacramento used to serve a steel-cut oatmeal that was wonderfully nutty and chunky, but earlier this year they switched to an organic oatmeal that is still supposed to be steel cut, but, unfortunately, is much closer to the above-mentioned bowl of glue.

      Maybe not all the shops serve the same oatmeal?

    2. Don't laugh, but you might try institutional sources for oatmeal. I eating a bowl right now from the student cafeteria at UC Berkeley. I don't see that any restaurant I've been to does it much better. They slow cook up big batches and I enjoy it as many mornings as I can get there on time. I've has a similar bowl at Alta Bates hospital. Not steel-cut, but chunky and nutty tasting.

      1. Whenever my friend visits from South Carolina, she insists on going to The Grove in my neighborhood, on Fillmore, for their oatmeal which (if memory serves) has fruit and nuts as part of its offering. It is also pretty substantial.

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          The Grove has decent oatmeal, but I was so turned off by that place when I added too many extras and ended up paying like $8 for the bowl of oatmeal.

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            My oatmeal at the Golden Bear was 1.39, less than the tator tots that I also got for an additional 1.79. Raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon, half and half free.

        2. Had a great (and huge) bowl at Dottie's just a couple weeks ago. They also had a multi-grain hot cereal that sounded interesting.

          1. Not a dine out option, but if you're looking for decent steel cut oatmeal in a hurry, the stuff they're selling frozen at Trader Joe's is pretty good. Just a shade sweeter than I'd like, but not over the top.

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              Not in SF, but you may wish to consider The Boon Fly Cafe at The Carneros Inn in Napa. It's steel cut oats with the hot milk integrated as part of the dish -- not added later at the table. Served with brown sugar and honey -- fresh fruit optional at an additional cost.