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Cooking Classes in central NJ

hi all -- I'm looking for a cooking class in central New Jersey...any one know of any or where to go?? I'm having trouble finding places that do it besides the community schools....thanks

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  1. King's Supermarkets have classes at their Bedminster and Short Hills stores:


    1. I've never been to any, but Classic Thyme in Westfield does cooking classes; and I've heard good things about them.


      1. In Princeton Dorothea's House "Casa di Cultura Italiana" does Italian cooking classes periodically:

        1. Cook & Tell in Colts Neck has cooking classes. They are a blast!

            1. bumping this up because i'm looking for cooking classes myself--particularly a knife skills class.

              is there any place near flemington or princeton offering something like this?

              1. Sur la table has a store in Quakerbridge Mall that offers cooking and knife skills classes. They have a website that has classes offered at each of their stores. You can also sign up for the classes directly on the website.
                I have not taken any classes there but it is on my things to do list.

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                  That's a great class. J took it at Quakerbridge and she came home without a nick (!) and they give you a 10% off coupon for future use.


                2. Williams and Sonoma has free technique classes on sunday mornings. for attending the class you receive a 10 percent disount.

                  1. Heirloom Kitchen in Old Bridge offers a variety of classes and students are given a discount on items purchased the day of the class.


                    1. Whole Foods in Princeton offers them:
                      I have not attended one though.

                      1. Many Wegmans stores have cooking classes, so check with your local one to see what is scheduled. Narirar (90 Acres Culinary Centre) offers some excellent classes, though they are not cheap. The one I attended was amazing, plenty of personal attention from the chef/instructor who was able to challenge and enlighten all attendees, who ranged from practically a non-cook to some very culinary adept foodies. IMHO it was well worth the price and what I would expect from a fine culinary school.

                        1. I just learned that the Terra Momo group (Enoterra, Mediterra, etc.) gives classes in conjunction with the Princeton YMCA.

                          I contacted them on Facebook for class info and was told they are working on a new site, but for now you can see the Fall '14 classes on the Terra Momo events calendar: http://terramomo.com/events

                          On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerraLearnin...

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