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i want to have a good meal tonight in park slope or prospect heights

i know this is vague.
i am willing to spend money but i would prefer more casual/cheaper eats as well.
so there's al di la, applewood, and franny's...
there's bonnies for burgers...
there's blue ribbon...

i don't feel much like thai or japanese. i know there's the korean spot that was reviewed in the times recently.

what am i missing? are there any special places on 5th or 4th that i am forgetting?
just for good food and drinks of whatever variety?


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  1. Tempo.
    Cafe Tapeo if you're feeling tapas-y.
    I like the new-ish habachi placae further down 5th -- don't remember the name of it.

    The Korean place is called Moim and it is on Garfield just off of 7th.

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      I am a big fan of BAr Toto there rigatoni with brocoli rabe and sausage is so yummy, it's a nice atmosphere. I also like CAfe Steinhoff.

      1. Palo Santo is another idea. I really enjoyed everything my friend and I ordered a couple of weeks ago. The wine list was regional and well-priced. Service was great...thought it was just a good experience all around.

        1. I'm the new girl in town, so take that for what it's worth, but I had a really poor experience at Blue Ribbon last week. Totally overrated, IMHO. Perhaps I've been spoiled by my last wonderful offal experience (a la Jamie Bissonnette from KO Prime in Boston), but Blue Ribbon's dishes were not up to par.

          1. TEMPO has been consistently excellent.

            The food is excellent. The price is right. Prix Fixe $35 weekends, $25 weekdays

            1. The Garden Cafe on Prospect Place and Vanderbilt.

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                thanks all for the recs. i ended up at alchemy...because my dinner date had heard "good things."
                it was actually pretty bad: mushroom, hazelnut salad and smoked pork loin were okay.
                the salmon was downright inedible. it tasted old and fishy. when we asked our server about it -- she said that "a lot of people had complained...and that it might be the distibutor."
                our bill was not modified.
                the scallops wrapped in prosciutto were a point of debate. she liked them and i didn't. in fact i couldn't even taste the scallops (there are only three) or the prosciutto.

                i will listen to you guys next time...

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                  there's also the newish frenchish place on 5th across the street from tempo, havent been but heard mostly good things. also cocotte, though many might not agree, and admittedly i havent been in awhile. they have some good weeknight deals, though so probably worth at least trying it out

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                    That newish frenchish place I think is A.O.C. We ate there a few weeks ago and I remember it being pretty good and worthy of a revisit, but unfortunately, other than the somewhat bland escargot appetizer, I don't remember what either of us had for dinner. (Note that I don't have a head for remembering what I had at restaurants, so take my last remark with a grain of salt).

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                    A check of Alchemy on this board would have revealed that, after initial excitement upon opening, opinions turned negative shortly thereafter -- I believe once the original chef left.

                    Tis a shame cuz it looks like such a cute place (and seemingly took FOREVER to open), but I'll wait to see if opinion rebounds before trying it.

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                      Didn't see you post in time, but if you're into Franny's, al di, Applewood, the place I would send you is Flatbush Farm. It's slightly more casual, but in line with the aesthetic of those. Not to knock Tempo, people love it, but it's not like those restaurants, and definitely is stodgier and more established-feeling. Sounds like you want good food but a more casual vibe, which for me is Flatbush Farm, also perhaps Sheep Station? Great beer, great burgers and mussels there. Try them.

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                        What do you like at Flatbush Farm? I just moved to the neighborhood and stopped in for a snack and a beer the other night and quite liked it (yeah, plus it was mac & cheese!). The vibe was nice and the prices were great, but I've seen the place get ripped on the boards here.

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                          I love their burger (I think only on the bar menu but you can order it at a table). I like the beers they have on tap, usually interesting (i.e. Six Point). I hear the wine glass complaints (hopefully someone there is reading this?). The roast chicken is fantastic--it's a Zuni-esque cast iron thing. I think the service is very scrappy, but I've only been there when I've been in a very chill mood, so it didn't bother me that much. In all, I am a fan of this place for its food and unpretentiousness.

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                          We have had very mixed experiences at Flatbush Farm. After one torturously slow brunch, we went for a couple of weekday dinners and to our surprise, liked the food and got friendly, efficient service. Among other things, we thought the fish dishes (I do not remember which ones anymore) were tasty, fresh & nicely prepared.

                          After that, the quality of the food dropped, and, among other things, we were served fish that was not fresh. Also, a pasta dish that I had really liked before, was suddenly very uninspired, bland & boring.
                          After that we have not dined there.

                          There is another problem with Flatbush Farm, a big one for us: We loathe the small wine glasses Flatbush Farm uses. Those glasses would stop us from ordering a great wine, even if they had one on the list.
                          So far we have not been impressed by the wine list, though.

                          Small wine glasses are a crime. In my opinion the only reason to serve wine from small glasses is to prevent the customer from using all their senses -and realizing what a bad / boring wine they are drinking.

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                            Ha! Very funny about the wine glasses. I had the same experience at Blue Ribbon (my first dining out experience as a Brooklynite) two weeks ago. Never mind that the food was a huge disappointment, but I had to ask for the "adult" wine glasses. Grrrr that gets on my nerves - it's insulting, especially in a restaurant that puts some thought into their wine list.

                    2. There is another new place on 5th ave, Canaille which is very good. Small french menu, romantic looking. It's cash only. There is also Bar Sepia on Underhill(?).

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                        Does Sepia serve food? Gloria's is right next door, which I think is a bit if a rip.

                        1. re: bigmackdaddy

                          You mean Cheryl's Global Soul — which is depressingly overpriced and underwhelming (I live half a block away).

                          I've always been satisfied at Flatbush Farm, with the exception of one brunch. What's the deal with their ungainly, barely-rendered hunks of bacon ?