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Nov 9, 2007 09:04 AM

Christmas Wish List $20 or Less

My family and friends enjoy exchanging gifts, but we keep the limit to $20 or it can become ridiculous. I'm forced to come up with a list early because my birthday is on 11/26 so it's a 2fer. Foodie items on my list this year include a stainless steel egg cup set with spoon and topper, and an infrared thermometer. I thought about cookbooks but haven't been able to narrow them down to a few choices. What's going on your list?

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  1. I replace my OXO peeler every 2 years or so, as I HATE peelings veggies, and a dull peeler makes the task unbearable.

    I picked up a set of rice bowls and serving pieces at a Chinese grocery store for a song, but I had them checked for lead glaze, just to be sure.

    I love my inexpensive Forschner paring knives.

    I tend to always need side towels and silicone spatulas.

    If you don't have them, I would add a set of heavy stainless measuring cups and a silicone baking mat.

    I haver never seen a infrared thermo for less than $50.00, if you are talking about the gun type that Alton Brown loves to play with.

    I will probably go to the All-Clad sale in Pittsburgh and get a few more pieces for my MC2 collection.

    Happy Birthday, as you share a B-day with my little sister.

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      Depending on the cooking behavior of the recipient, a set of good, sharp biscuit cutters is a nice gift. I asked for them myself. Another idea is to go to a local restaurant supply house. They have some great stuff, very sturdy, and very reasonably priced.

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        Do you know when the All Clad sale will be held?

        1. re: six dower

          This store has All-Clad seconds, but I will have to look further for the "official" factory sale.

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            It's usually twice a year - firs weekend in June and first weekend in Dec in Canonsburg - suburb of Pittsburgh.

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          Thanks Kelli. I found some ir thermos on eBay for cheap. I'm questioning whether these are appropriate for kitchen use, though. The ads specifically say they can be used for food, but my best friend insists that they only take the external temperature. I'd appreciate some guidance on this issue.

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            I used to bake professionally, and I love to use a IR thermometer to get the precise temperature at the rack or a stone for very delicate items. They are great for getting the temperature of a grill or BBQ , but I would never use them for food items, as they cannot measure the internal temps.

            They are fun to use when making candy, or gaging the surface temp of a marble counter top in the summer.

            The internal temp of a chicken breast, burger or a roast can be 20-30 degrees on a thin item, and that can be the difference between safe or a case of food poisoning.

            I always use a probe thermometer to determine doneness of a product, even on baked goods, just to be safe.

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              Got it, thanks! I better let everyone know I'll prefer a probe thermometer.

        3. silicone basting brush off the top of my head ( given to me, and I love it)

          1. There are several of these choppers. Work well when you’re in a hurry, in the middle of Kitchen Commotion, or handing off tasks to helpers.





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              I love my chopper! When I cook for a dear but picky friend I have to cut up veggies until they are unrecognizable. He'll eat it if he can't see it. I don't have the knife skills to obliterate veggies, but 30 seconds with the chopper does the trick.

            2. I have a perfectly fine rotary grater, but as soon as I saw this Microplane item.....


              1. The Reynolds Handi-Vac with bags would be a wonderful gift.