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May 12, 2006 02:35 PM

Sea Breeze food stand at Berkeley Marina

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I've heard in the past that this seafood stand at the entrance to the Berkeley Marina was good. Anyone been there?

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  1. I have eaten there about 1.5 yrs ago when I lived in Albany. I liked their fried oyster sandwich.

    1. Sea Breeze is built from a collection of shipping containers, and serves fried seafood etc., prepared sandwiches, and alot of industrial packaged picnic blah. They have an espresso bar which is forgetable. The atmosphere is tops if an interstate, dirt parking lot, and steady breeze is your cuppa tea. The fried food is not grubbing, but it's not pepto bismol material either.

      1. It's great! Yes, it's a bunch of shipping containers on a dirt lot at the
        end of an interstate exit ramp. One way of looking at it is that that's
        bad. There's also the other way.

        Nice plate of fish and chips for $7.25. There's a deep-fried crab thing I
        see a lot of people eating but haven't tried, nor the whold steamed garlic
        crab for $16. Expresso from the expresso machine, carrot juice and
        various berry smoothies. Beer. A table with some decent fruits for
        sale. Pastries. Basic deli stuff. The one thing that's missing, and the
        thing that would turn it from a local anomaly into a grand regional
        destination is raw oysters. If there was someone shucking oysters
        there on sunny afternoon ... man, what a place it would be.

        It's a total scene on a sunny weekend afternoon, west berkeley moms,
        truck drivers, lance armstrong wannabes on their $5000 bikes.

        Apparently it's in some danger of getting shoveled under as the
        Eastshore State Park comes barreling through. So if you intend to
        get there, get there soon.

        1. We might be a bit spoiled, having spent a lot of time at seafood stands in the Northwest. But our group was disappointed in the Seabreeze. It probably depends on what you order. The fish and chip were pretty good but the clam strips were almost soggy instead of crisp. A huge let down since it's my favorite among the fried seafood. The shrimp cocktail seemed to be made with frozen shrimp which then defrosted into the cocktail sauce, creating a less-than-stellar watery soup. We didn't try the crab although the cashier recommended it. But, based on this one try, we probably won't be back to give it a chance. It's a shame because we had high hopes. It was, however, crowded with people seemingly enjoying their own meals.

          1. Stopped by the Sea Breeze today...after years of driving by and at the most getting a drink or a quick snack. I ordered the fish and chips. Above average. Not a breaded f&c fan but it wasn't greasy which is at least 1/2 the battle. The fries were excellent although frozen. $7.25 was totally reasonable. Not a weekly or even monthly stop but on par for the course. In the future, fries and a drink on a sunny day would be a perfect pit stop.

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              Yup, always seems busy and windblown/dusty. Stopped by about a yr ago to try their salmon sandwich on a friend's rec. So-so and haven't gone back.