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Nov 9, 2007 08:38 AM

Dinner delivery in Seattle

I live in Portland, but my best friend is home with a new baby and I want to have some meals delivered to her. Any suggestions from Seattle folks. I remember reading about a man who started an organic meal service, but I can not remember the name.
Any suggestions or recommendation for businesses that would deliver good, real food meals to the Ballard area?

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  1. Try this place on Queen Anne: Eat Local, I don't think they deliver though. Another good place is Dish D'lish, but you still have to pick up. Worth it. For delivery, we opt for Zeeks Pizza and Kaosami Thai food (Fremont).

    1. I was curious about this, did some googling and found this article from about a year ago mentioning some companies that do this. Might be of help: Good luck!

      1. not sure if she likes Indian, but there is an Indian delivery service... haven't tried them, but some friends of mine have, say it's awesome for those days when you just don't want to cook...

        1. I am not very helpful, but we use this delivery service that picks up from a variety of restaurants, most of them mediocre. They are the delivery service for Chutney's on lower Queen Anne, so you could call them for the name. We get Chutney's delivered often, and a few other restaurants are decent.

          1. Edible Life is one that I've heard of but not tried: