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Nov 9, 2007 08:26 AM

fun, yummy, without breakin the bank.

looking for a great place to meet with some good friends who all really enjoy and know food (many of us have worked in the industry at one time, so we are not too hard to please but definitely know and enjoy what we imbibe)....... sadly none of us have worked as servers in nyc or we might know a little more about where to go.

it's my birthday and we'd like to try someplace new.

places we've gone and loved

dressler in brooklyn
marlow and sons in bk

but we also love ethnic cuisine of all varieties, etc etc etc.

i know this is a huge broad topic, but maybe shout out your fave fun places... i'll keep the list and just check it off over time!!! thanks a million chowhounders!

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  1. Try Mercat on Bond St. Delicious food, great wine and lots of atmosphere.

    1. If you liked 'Inoteca you could try Tia Pol in Chelsea. Spanish small plates, very similar in quality and price. The wine list, however, is not up to 'Inoteca's very high standard.