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Nov 9, 2007 08:15 AM

Pancakes in Philly

I'm heading to Philly next weekend with two 8-year olds who are quite enamored of pancakes for breakfast. We're staying in Center City (Market and 17th), so any recs in the area would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any other kid-friendly chowish places, please feel free to list those too.



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  1. At Reading Terminal Market on 12th and Arch streets is the Dutch Eating Place. Great, enormous fluffy regular and blueberry pancakes. It's essentially two counters with stools and is kid-friendly. There's usually a line but it moves fast. They also have pancakes at the Down Home Diner at the Market as well. Avoid these as they are crusty and thick skinned (kind of like some of the servers there).

    Morning Glory Diner also has pretty decent pancakes but I think their french toast is better (a long walk with kids). Same applies for Honey's Sit and Eat in Northern Liberties (think cab).

    You may want to try Jones at 7th and Chestnut on Sunday. They have pancakes on the menu and it's very kid-friendly (a Brady Bunch type atmosphere) and the monket bread there is really good as is the french toast.

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      I'm with all of the PP's that you should head to Reading Terminal Market!

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        Atmosphere-wise, from down-to-earth to more posh
        Reading Terminal--Honey's Sit'n Eat--Jones.

        With Reading Terminal and Honey's, they use local products (I know Honey's use local products exclusively, I believe). Honey's has more variety, their tex-mex brunch food is pretty good (very fresh-tasting). I'd recommend Jones only if you haven't tried the place. The food was just okay. At the Dutch Eating Place, you should try the apple dumping, if you like sweets.

      2. I agree with Jones and a stop at the Reading Terminal. Also, The Franklin Fountain is serves amazing sundaes. It is a quick cab ride away and worth the calories.

        1. Capogiro is a kid-friendly chowish spot, the best gelato!

          Agree with Dutch Eating Place & Jones recs, really just depends if you want a market or restaurant atmosphere. If you do hit the RTmarket (for breakfast or later) be sure to check out a pretzel from Fishers and a chocolate chip cookie from Famous 4th street, both stands in RTM.

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            Sorry to bring the level of converation down from a simplistic fun conversation about pancakes to consideration of fiber and the whole grain aspect ... when I saw the title of this thread, I thought it might be about that kind of pancake!!

            When I used to go out for pancakes years ago, I remember the huge variety of syrup and pancake selection at IHOP. Now, I think back to how the batter was made, and prefer to do it myself for obvious reasons.

            Do most of the vegetarian places or restaurants that present themselves as vegetarian friendly offer more "gourmet" style, or at least use ingredients that might offer the consumer more fiber and something they might not do for themselves at home? That's the kind of pancake I'd be interested in - something I wouldn't necessarily be doing for myself at home!! Same thing with waffles - a batter used that is unusual and worthy of the price..

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              I do think that there's a dearth of good, whole-grain pancakes in philly. lots of good white-flour ones, but sometimes i want something a bit 'nuttier' or whatever. hard to find.

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                Winnie's Le Bus in Manayunk has great whole grain pancakes.

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                    sabrina's always has whole wheat pancakes. my uncle fiends for them. i can't stand them.

              2. Best pancakes in Philly is Oregon Diner, hands down!!!!! At 3rd and Oregon

                1. My ten year old son (and me too) for Sunday brunch love the chocolate pancakes at Cantina Los Caballitos, 1651 E. Passyunk in South Phila. We go there before Phillies games. The chocolate in the pancakes is chocolate lover's chocolate. Quite good.