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Sage or Grotto for 2 person semi romantic bday.

Sorry if this has been rehashed before.

Trying to choose between the two for dinner tomorrow night.

Haven't been to either spot. I was initially leaning toward Sage, but it seems like the new local, isn't as nice.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

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  1. My personal preference is for Grotto - especially in terms of atmosphere/ambiance. If Sage was still in their old space it would be a closer call, IMO, but the new Sage space just doesn't strike me at all as romantic (or semi-romantic!).

    I also love the food at Grotto and like the food at Sage. (The gnocchi with short ribs and mushroom risotto at Grotto are among my favorites anywhere)

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      What she said. Add the bacon wrapped duck and the fondue to the list of my favorite foods on earth.

    2. I have never been to Grotto but recently visited Sage for a similar event. The food was good but the space was not romantic at all. High ceiling, brick walls, photos on a wall which were not interesting, tables bizzarely spaced (some too far apart, some too close together), very ugly floor, indifferent server. I wouldn't recommend Sage.

      1. We ended up going to Grotto, pretty much right on the money. Gnocchi, very good.
        Duck, excellent. Fondue, very good. Service, noticeably quick, efficient, friendly. The room was good, maybe a little more crowded and loud than I had anticipated. Not really a negative, just not a little busier than I thought it would be. All in all very good.

        1. I would definantly go with Grotto, Sage has good food, but I would use the word great for Grotto and Grotto has the ambiance you are looking for.

          1. Hi just tried Grotto. Thought it was just OK. Also way too expensive!

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              A little bit of context would be helpful - what did you have? how much do you think they should have charged you?

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                I'm surprised that Grotto would be considered expensive. Compared to many other restaurants in Boston proper, Grotto is a steal.

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                  I didn't think the prices at Grotto were bad at all. We had 3 courses and split the apple pie/rum raisin desert(which was excellent) our bill was around $85 before wine, taxes, tip. Given the quality of the food, I thought the prices were very fair.

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                  I think Grotto is one of the best restaurant values in Boston. Their $35 prix fixe is a deal.....last time I went I walked out of there so incredibly satiated.....would never categorize it as "expensive" but I guess it depends what you are comparing it to.

                3. We had three courses each and a half bottle of wine, $140. The quality was B range in our view. I wanted to love it based on the postings and it's a cute place atmosphere wise, fun location. Maybe it was an off night foodwise...

                  1. I haven't been to Grotto but I certainly wouldn't describe Sage as romantic. The room is very open and the tables are pretty close together. Sounds like other CHs vote Grotto. I would go with them!