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Nov 9, 2007 07:27 AM

Lolita in Cleveland

We are headed to Lolita Sunday night. Any can't miss items?

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  1. have heard the pizzas are fabulous - and the chicken livers too.

    1. ditto the pizza suggestion.

      1. it is hard to beat the big board of house cured meats. Again and again, I find this my favorite. I agree the pizza is great too. I think the livers are goog but not exceptionally special as far as chicken livers are concerned, although the polenta that comes underneath is awesome. Mac and Cheese fits the bill if you are in the mood for comfort food

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          totaly agree about the big board of house cured meats....tho i got to enjoy it a few times at PAREA in ny when symon and company were doing that -- not LOLITA. LOLITA is a great space, reminds me of greenwich village a lot, esp in the summer when the back outdoor area is open. im looking forward to the pizza etc there.

        2. If you get a side, consider the polenta. It was fantastic.

          1. If you like spice - the chicken wings appetizer. Pizza. Polenta. Creamed corn, if they still have it. Pig's ears, if they have them. Grilled Lamb Sausage appetizer.

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              We had a great meal on Sunday night and the bonus was that Symon was in the house and a Iron Chef finale party was in full swing. The lamb sausage was good if a little gamey for my taste. The pizza is really good with a nice light thin crust. Gnocchi was light a delicious. Not that heavy sit in the pit of your stomach stuff you often find.

              Thanks for all the tips and we will certainly return next time we are in Cleveland. Hopefully it won't get too hard to get a table now that Symon is a Food Network Celebrity.

              1. re: Annapolis07

                "Hopefully it won't get too hard to get a table now that Symon is a Food Network Celebrity."

                My wife and I were thinking the same thing, as we almost went there instead of Kansas City for our Anniversary in September just to eat at his restaurants. We wish now that we had.

                Bill not Bob