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Nov 9, 2007 06:47 AM

Restaurants for out of towners near Moscone ctr. this Sunday

Out of town friends want to take us out this Sun. PM at a rest. near Moscone - they will pay and we dont want them to spend big big bucks - looking for 20-25 $ entres - suggestions??

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  1. Two at Hawthorne Lane might be fun, it's reasonably priced and the food is made for sharing which is always fun when eating with friends.

    Or stylish Vietnamese food at Bong Su:

    Both are one to two blocks away from Moscone Center.

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      Tried Bongsu and gave it mixed reviews by us - appetizer plate was very good, service was excellent,wine list was well thought out, entrees were dissapointing - Blue shrimp had some kind of seasoning that we couldnt figure out that made the dish below par and they were way overdooked . The salmon was above average and the beef salad very very good.Desert was OK but the cookies were better than the whipped chocolate.Check was $180.00 with 20% tip (we had a 38.00 S.B. wine and one non alc. beer) all in all it was a nice choice and although I couldnt reccomend it for a special meal it was worth the visit - thanks for your reccomendation.

    2. think the news said the Oracle Conference is in town w/ Howard St. closed between 3rd and 4th(?) -- so keep in mind, alot of places will be busy in that area.

      1. I'd head to Lulu's - great grilled entrées with ample portions in your price range.

        1. LuLu's is great but most items are served family-style. They have wondeful wood-fired pizzas (but you do leave with your clothes smelling of the smoke).

          I've had some good meals at Annabelle's, on 4th St (across from the Marriott). It's smaller and more intimate than Lulu's.

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          1. re: rednails

            A little farther away, on 5th St, is Le Charm.

            Quaint French bistro, nice prix fixe menu. The chicken liver salad is amazing, and I don't like liver!

            1. re: nerdigrrl

              -friend had French at lunch so we chose another. However, we checked out the web site and spoke to other friends who liked the quality-price ratio and the prix-fixe, and will stop in next time in SF(we live near San Jose) thanks for your input.