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Nov 9, 2007 06:30 AM

Downtown Vancouver recommendations? [Moved from Canada Board]

where should I go for sushi? and where can I get a great steak tartare? what are the must-go places?


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    1. Go to Sciue at Pender and Howe downtown Vancouver and you will never leave - it's that good.........cheers from TO

      1. Sushi? Depends, what's your budget?
        Yoshi's downtown near Georgia & Denman is pretty good. If you can, call in ahead for the kaizeki. Torarenbo is much cheaper in Richmond, also Seto is not bad, also in Richmond. It's hard to miss in Vancouver as it has more Sushi/Japanese restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world except Japan itself.

        You're big on tartare, eh? Not sure if there's much here, but for something similar, try the kitfo at some of the Ethiopian restaurants.

        Depends on what your standards are and where you came from, there could be many "must-go" places in Vancouver. This is eatin' town (sorry, I've been to NY and SF and they are no match).

        1. By the way, for a big, big list of Vancouver restaurants:

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            I know where not to go. Avoid Tojo's LIKE THE PLAGUE. Unless you like paying through the nose for poor service and lousy attitudes.