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Nov 9, 2007 05:36 AM

Celtics on tv and good food?

Looking for suggestions for a place to watch the Celtics game tonight with better than average food. Not really feeling The Fours or any other sports bar type place. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will be taking the train in but anything within a reasonable cab ride is an option. Thanks in advance.

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      1. re: ltownhound

        I'd go with Hiddenboston's suggestion then. The Waterfront Cafe is really close (just up Causeway/Commercial, and has way-better-than average pub grub. Definitely superior to The Fours and the pizza is quite good. Even their pastas are surprisingly tasty. (Skip the calamari though.)

        Plus the plethora of flat screens for Celtics gazing and proximity to North Station...

        Obviously, there are better options if you ditch the game-watching aspect (Neptune, Terramia, Mamma Maria, etc.), but for the combo, Waterfront seems to hit the nail on the head.

        Of course, you could always eat at a North End restaurant first, then join my gang at Pete's Pub (sorry, sorry, "Durty Nellie's") to watch the game.

    1. Wow, when was the last time I heard people actually talk about watching the Celts. A new day is dawning in Beantown!

      If you are arriving at North Station, hoow about heading over to the Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street? You can walk there from North Station, and the food is really good (excellent pizza).

      If you're coming into South Station, maybe watch it at Lucky's Lounge on Congress Street? It's a funky place with good drinks and decent food, including good burgers.

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        I spent a very pleasant Sun. at the restaurant Miel at the Hotel Intercontinental, near S. Station. The food was quite good and they have two flat screens--presumably they'd put the Celts on.