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Nov 9, 2007 05:34 AM

Nice dinner in/near Federal Hill

Planning an overnight in December, staying in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, and would like to have a nice dinner in the area. We enjoy American, steak/seafood, Italian, Indian, to other ideas. Mostly would like a place with good food, service and ambiance to add to a romantic getaway - thanks!

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  1. Bicycle is a good choice. I know I will get flamed, but I like Corks for a nice meal. They may not have the best food in town, but they are friendly and accomodating. I have had some great meals there and some average meals, but have always felt like welcome and well taken care of.

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    1. Thanks for the replies so far! Should probably add that my husband has a sensitive stomach and often has to find dishes that are absent of heavy spices or have sauces that can be served on the side, so places that are accommodating in this respect, or that offer at least one "plain" entree, are also helpful.

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        I agree that Bicycle is the place to go. My SO's father is allergic/intolerant of garlic and we found Bicycle very accomodating. After he notified the waiter of his allergy, the waiter immediately went back to the kitchen to ask the chef what could or could not be made without garlic and what substitutes would work.

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          Many of dishes at Bicycle are flavored with hot peppers so that they have a little heat (or more depending on your pepper threshold.). Nasu Blanca is also well thought of , maybe better for your husband.

        2. I love Bicycle but I know when i was there recently w/ a group much of the food was considered 'spciy' by many and i think to the extent that the spice contributes to the flavour and composition of many of the dishes, without it, your husband might not be as rapt with the Bicycle as the rest of us. I would also second Nasu Blanca and Corks. If the menus don't thrill you, there are plenty of options within a short cab ride or walk from FedHill if you are willing to go to Fells Point, Midtown etc...