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Nov 9, 2007 05:09 AM

Driving to State College -- any good eats along the way?

Hi Hounds,
The hubs and I will be driving from Washington, D.C. to State College tomorrow to visit his grandparents, who are in a nursing home there. Any suggestions on places to eat along the way? Looking at Google maps, our route takes us along I-70. We'll probably break for lunch mid-way around the MD/PA border.


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  1. There are not too many places I can recommend in that area. If you are in Bedford at lunch, there is the Jean Bonnet Tavern and the Arena Restaurant (in the Quality Inn but privately owned). To show what you are up against in that area, we once stopped at the Denny's in Bedford for breakfast. My wife ordered the special -- eggs and kielbasa. Her breakfast came with a hot dog. When she inquired, she was told they ran out of kielbasa and substituted a hot dog (without saying anything first). From Breezewood, if you take Rt. 30 West to I-99 in Bedford, there is a place called Kelly's in Everett. Definitely a local spot with decent food and great prices, though I think the other two mentioned are better.

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      Thank you. I also looked on Jane & Michael Stern's roadfood website, but to no avail, alas. I'm thinking we might just pack some sandwiches and do the drive without stopping.

      I love the hot dog for kielbasa story, though!